Your Soul’s Perspective

by Barbara Rose.

“..when you seek an answer regarding the future, you receive an answer based on the energy vibrations you emit…”

Your soul, that part of your being which knows no time or space, sees the higher perspective of the events that transpire in your everyday life. This information is communicated to you while you are sleeping, and in many cases you receive communications in your dreams that seem to renew your perceptions upon waking in the morning and give you some sense of peace amid the pain and turmoil you face in your everyday life.

Those communications help you realize that your experiences are woven into the fabric and purpose of your entire life. The colors of some of those experiences may seem black and gloomy, yet when you look at the overall tapestry, you can see that the black is quite necessary: it provides contrast and brings more dimension, perspective, and even beauty to the other colors in your life. This overall picture is what your soul sees.

Your higher self, your soul, sees the black or bleak days you encounter simply as one part of your experience and not the beginning, middle, or end of your life. That is why the saying “This too shall pass” carries so much hope when we are faced with events that challenge our very spirit to persevere, even if only one moment at a time. Now, as the fabric of your life is woven, at each step you face a choice. If you were to weave a pattern in a large tapestry, you would get a general idea of how the whole would turn out. So when you seek an answer regarding the future, you receive an answer based on the energy vibrations you emit, along with a higher perspective of the energy from those connecting to your life who may be related to your question. Now, at any point, you may choose a new path, a new pattern for your tapestry; this may or may not change the outcome.

The most important thing you must know is that you hold the individual power to choose how you respond to the events in your life; it is solely your choice to move in one direction or another. With your choices, you create your reality. Now, there are agreements between souls who enter your life for certain growth lessons or experiences in which you agreed to participate; those meetings are predestined, but their outcomes are not. The outcomes depend on the choices you make. So, if you find you are being dis-empowered due to meeting a certain person, then consider that the reason this person entered your life was so you could grow to honor your self and push away from one who undermines your growth, if you choose to do this.

Should you choose to remain with one who undermines your growth and causes you to feel less than the incredible being you are, you will find that your choice results in misery. You will end up sacrificing your life, playing victim to a chance meeting, a meeting that was predestined to help you come to terms with your highest growth issue. So for the millions of people who are sacrificing their very lives by choosing to remain in abusive relationships, all in the name of love, I ask you, who are you loving? Where are you keeping yourself, and what justifications are you using to avoid your very own personal growth?

“…you hold the individual power to choose how you respond to the events in your life; it is solely your choice to move in one direction or another. With your choices, you create your reality…”

Do not use love as an excuse here. To be a victim, to falsely empower an abuser, is anything but love. To break away from this material world, to see your way beyond the challenges, you must set your sights above them and find the inner resources, by connecting to your higher self, to guide you in the direction of your choosing, for your highest good. You see, God, your higher self, or whatever you believe in as a higher source of wisdom or consciousness in your life will never make your choices for you. This would take away your ability to choose your direction, your tapestry, and would empower another rather than strengthen you to determine your future based solely on your intentions.

As many of the souls living on earth now can attest, a part of your soul, your energy, lives a parallel life. To you, that life might seem like the future, but on the soul level, it is simultaneous. You do, however, have what you would call a future self. When you ask for guidance about a certain situation in your life, you will be helped to create a reality in your best interest. You will also be warned of any potential repercussions should it appear that your choices do not serve the goal you strive for. When you receive the guidance you asked for but you do not follow it, you will find yourself feeling regret, find yourself having to go back to square one.

So do yourself a favor and follow your guidance! Many of you channel, see visions, do writings, psychically receive information, or intuitively “know” something. But because your ego is only concerned with gratifying itself in the moment, your ego fights with your higher knowing or guidance to sway you, to cause you to give in to what may satisfy you in the moment. This prevents you from receiving the good you seek. Many of you doubt your information, yet it is real.

Only after repeated, observable accounts do you say, “OK, now I know this is real. I will follow my guidance.” Once you do, you find your path to be so much easier, far less painful – because the perspective given to you is the highest perspective; it comes from your higher self or future self, so it knows exactly how to get from where you are at this moment to wherever or whatever your goal is.

Barbara Rose discovered an amazing spiritual gift following a tragic loss. Author of: “If God Was Like Man,” and “Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life” receive critical acclaim. She brings through information to create the highest vision of your life, and our world. Her nationally praised seminars and articles have helped uplift thousands. Visit her website at

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