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Why Are We All So Afraid?

by Stuart Goldsmith

The older I get the more I wonder what it is we’re all so afraid of. Like you, I travel the world and see or hear about real problems; murder, torture, death, disease and starvation. Then I return to this gray, stuffy country to witness intelligent and privileged people wasting their lives down the pub or propped in front of the TV screen for, on average, four hours each night.

Many people are also timid and completely risk-averse. Their quest for safety comes way above their desire for pushing the boundaries and living a powerful life.

Achieving great wealth and happiness starts with having a dream. Today’s dreams are surely tomorrow’s realities.

No matter how far down you are at the moment, I promise that you can make a greater success of your life from here on in. Not only have I done this myself but in the past ten years I have helped thousands of people to improve their lives. These are people similar to you. People who were sick of the poverty and mediocrity of their lives, just like I was twenty years ago when a small book changed my life forever.

It’s a famous book called: The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches by Joe Karbo. Cheesy title and Joe is long dead, but that was the very first exposure I ever had to the ideas of positive thinking, motivation and goal-setting. The book was sold mail-order at £10. Like millions of people I thought: “Yeah, I know how he got rich – by taking £10 off mugs like me!” To this day, I receive about one hundred letters each year which say the same thing about the advert for my own book The Midas Method.

Anyway, I thought “what the heck” and decided to give it a shot. (Note: Investing in myself). To my surprise, the book arrived and I remember the thrill with which I opened it. The book was dynamite! It talked about goal-setting and motivation. I had never heard such concepts. It talked about the magic power of goal setting and how it worked. I was highly skeptical, but decided to try (Note: You need flexibility. You must be willing to try something different, even if you ‘know’ it’s rubbish.)

I set my first six goals. One of which was to have a net worth of £250,000 one day. Note this goal. At the time (and I can recall it vividly) this was an impossible, fantasy level of money and I didn’t believe for one microsecond that I would ever achieve this. I was about £20,000 in debt on a salary of £6,000/year. But the book said to set high goals, so I chose a ‘ludicrous’ amount of money. (Note: False ceilings keep your aspirations low. What a low goal to set, whilst thinking it was an impossibly high goal!)

Something changed that day. Imperceptibly. No flashing lights and blaring trumpets. Just a small shift in gear and a tiny angle-change in aiming point. I was not even aware of the change, but looking back I can say categorically that writing my first set of goals was the turning point. If I had not done that, I am totally convinced that I would have remained a studio engineer at the BBC, or similar.

Instead, I decided to fight. Are you prepared to fight?

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Stuart Goldsmith is a British multi-millionaireThe Midas Method Stuart Goldsmith author and lecturer. He created a $16 million fortune starting from a position of heavy debt, average intelligence and no special skills. He has taught thousands of people how to get wealthy through his books and courses.

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  1. Please examine my logic and respond:

    Nearly everyone I know has a good deal of sympathy / empathy with the poor — so many of us have been (or are still) there. As well, many, like me have said (and in my case, at least, have meant it:) “Were I able to decide the degree of wealth I should have, I would ensure that it was sufficent for me to be able to help / sponsor / lend / ouright give enough to every worthy person I encountered.” With endless funds, I would enlist the expertise of as many ‘experts’ as needed to ensure that those receiving funds were indeed ‘needy’ and not simply greedy.

    Not seeing this activity occurring anywhere (and you know it would be in every paper/radio bulletin/TV announcement, etc. were it actually happening) I must conclude that all the claims we endlessly encounter about “those who have the secret! – send you $97 today for your copy of the one and only way to riches!!” MUST BE FALSE CLAIMS AND SCAMS.
    PLE-E-EASE prove me wrong by explaining how my thinking is flawed. Don Brennecke

  2. Your premise and your conclusion have no logical connection whatsoever. I am not even sure what they have to do with the article above.


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