Who Rents Space In Your Head?

No person is an island. We are all influenced to a large extent by those around us, those with whom we have grown up, and the input from society and the media.

Do you have a secret enemy working deep within your own mind?…

However, the key thing to cultivate is the self-awareness to notice your own thoughts, actions and behaviors in order to discern what is truly yours, and what comes from someone else, living like a secret tenant in the deeper recesses of your brain.

In other words, who is renting space in your head? And constantly filling your mind with thoughts and ideas that aren’t really even yours?

Surprisingly enough, there is probably someone in there (and possibly more than just one), however clear-headed you may believe you are. For many, it is one or both parents. For some, it could be their boss or co-workers. For others, it might be members of the peer group they aspire to be accepted by.

The point is that if you remain unconscious to this secret psychic influence – even invasion – you may find yourself unknowingly falling into the hypnotic trance of acting out the thoughts and behaviors of whomever lives inside your head! All the while, you think that these are your own authentic actions. Eventually, you become so conditioned to acting this way, that these tendencies actually do become who you are.

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, they talk of modeling i.e. adopting the speech patterns, movements, body language of someone you wish to emulate in order to be like them. However, the dark side of this is that you may end up unconsciously modeling whomever is renting space inside your head. Hence, you may unknowingly adopt speech, belief and behavior patterns that you don’t necessarily want. You have no idea that you are doing it, let alone know where these influences come from in the first place.

Therefore, if there are areas in your life where you are not getting the results you want, but instead are acting in ways contrary to achieving your goals, you might want to ask yourself if there is some kind of hypnotic NLP-style trance going on. The truth is that we are all caught up in some sort of trance, even the trance of just being ourselves and viewing the reality out there through that filter. Yet, what we are specifically talking about in this discussion is being caught in the trance of being someone else altogether; someone unhelpful to your goals, and doing so totally unknowingly.

Such psychic entities are like mental parasites, gaining a life of their own and draining your energy away, slowly and inexorably. Moreover, to the extent that you continue to expose yourself to the actual person, and imbibe the same unhelpful input, is the extent to which that inner equivalent gains energy and continues to control aspects of your life. It is like a “negative coaching call” so to speak!

Therefore, right now, give some thought to this idea. Ask yourself, where you are not happy with aspects of your thoughts, actions and results. When you identify these, look honestly and hard at what is going on, and try to see if what you are doing is truly your own behavior or very strongly resembles someone else who has been extremely influential upon you. Journal and ponder upon what you discover. Come up with some ideas on how to regain control of your thinking.

Awareness is the major key to transformation and growth. Simply being aware helps to create the shift that can change everything, fast.

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