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Which Wolf Do You Feed?

I heard a thought-provoking metaphysical story yesterday which carries a powerful life lesson. Here is the gist of it…

A young woman was speaking with a tribal elder and she noticed a two-headed wolf pendant around her neck. She asked the elder about it and the old woman told her that one was the good wolf and the other was the bad wolf. And these two wolves were always in a constant battle.

The young woman asked, “But which wolf will win?” The elder replied, “The one I feed the most.”

Which wolf are you feeding?...
Which wolf are you feeding?…

And the young woman said, “I must go now. I have to feed my wolf.”

So it is in your life and mine. There is a constant interplay in your head between the forces of dark and the forces of light; between the tendency to grow and the tendency to stagnate and be dragged down. Our daily lives and experiences provide a constant downward bias which, if left unattended, will serve to drag our minds and hearts downward in a circling spiral of chaos.

Negative people and situations can provide a powerful stimulus towards encouraging the dark to grow. If you leave this tendency to act long enough, eventually it becomes a habitual way of thinking, believing and behaving.

Our minds are like gardens. If we neglect them, the weeds will grow and take over everything. We have to be constantly vigilant; pulling up weeds and planting beautiful beds of flowers.

Over and against all this though, our chief responsibility in life is to feed the good wolf. We have to provide enough positive impetus to ourselves every single day to ensure that life stays on an upward bias towards growth and fulfillment, towards the good. There is so much food for the bad wolf out there that it literally is a case of running just to stand still. If you don’t make an active effort to clean out your mind of garbage, stand guard at its door, and feed it good and uplifting material on a continual basis, then the downward forces of inertia and chaos will naturally assert themselves.

Whichever wolf you feed is the one that will grow. Do you feed the bad wolf or the good one?

You must go now. And feed your wolf.


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