Weathering The Storms Of Life!

So, about a month ago, a storm took out my Hifi/Home Cinema system. Various major components were critically damaged. A/V receiver, high quality CD player, Bluray/DVD player and more.

Since I live in a country area with poor electrical protections, this kind of thing happens quite often. The irony is that, anticipating this very possibility, I had the electrician install a trip switch at the main junction box by the front door. In that way, I could shut down the current for my home cinema area after I finish using it.

So what happened this time? Well, there was  a storm and obviously I would not use either that system or my computer during it (I have already lost the computer once, plus the router too). However, once the storm had subsided, I thought to myself, what the heck and just went and did it. Then I went to bed.

But here’s the thing. Those storms often return a couple of hours later. I already knew that but really wanted to watch something anyway. Nothing happened in that moment. But later in bed, I heard a sound and thought, “Well, I guess the lights have gone off or something.”

It wasn’t the lights. It was the storm destroying my system!

How come? Because I had FORGOTTEN to turn off the safety switch, and it came back! Can you even imagine the possibility of this happening? That SOB of a storm had already moved away, and then thinks to itself, “Ah! He forgot to flip that switch! Now is my chance, at last!”

I didn’t make this up. It really happened this way. In fact, the insurance assessor was just here a few hours ago.

So, why am I telling you all this?…

“Shit happens!”

Sorry if I sound too “ghetto” using that phrase, but it perfectly sums things up, don’t you think?

Life is really like that. The extremely unlikely really does take place, and you have to (a) be ready for it, (b) not whine about it too much, and (c) be in the mental state to deal with it and emerge a better, wiser person. (Bonus point (d) have a backup plan B, and even a backup plan C if B fails!).

Actually, events like this can really get you down and make you feel picked upon, or you can use them to make a better person of yourself.

Here’s the thing. Reality IS. It just IS. It’s nothing personal. It may not have any specific meaning to it (although it may – that is a higher level of understanding than the conventional). So, it is when our minds get involved that we give meaning to it all and decide what this means about US.

The most cultivated response anyone can have is to maintain a spiritual detachment from the events that happen in your life, without becoming a compete unemotional drone of course. Let negativity pass through you without affecting you. After all, negativity is an interpretation. There are the events and then there is what we make of them, i.e. what we think they say about us.

In the case of my system being wrecked, it may mean literally nothing and so there is no actual reason to get down on myself. That is reality, Samsara if you will, and this is how things are. Sometimes the movements are “good” and so we like them. Sometimes they are “bad” and so we don’t. Either way, we are falsely affected because we have given false meaning and created a false reality out of it.

It all comes from within. Your ability to deal with life well or poorly originates from within the mind. If you wish to break through to a new level of awareness, to a new level of understanding and performance, you have to discover Your Inner Greatness. There are strategies for working with the mind and achieving results in all areas of life. The brain functions like a cybernetic learning mechanism. Master these strategies, and they can be used to cope with life’s challenges and thrive upon them.

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