Using The Body for Emotional Intelligence & Intuition

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The body is a great source of emotional intelligence and intuitive knowledge that most of us simply fail to tap into. The reason is that in this modern society of ours, many of us live mostly in our heads and are hence out of touch with parts of our very being.

Ancient societies, modern tribal cultures, as well as intuitives and mystics of all ages have long understood the importance of living lives in a fully integrated way, and not merely in parts. When we do this, we are open to all sorts of intuitive, almost psychic, information that is there for our benefit, if only we could take a moment and actually notice its presence.

So what does it mean to be more in touch with the intuitive guidance within the body? It means getting information, sensations, emotions, feelings that give you clear guidance as to what you should do in a certain situation, or the direction you should take when you are posing a specific question.

The conscious mind is only a tiny portion of the intelligence that is available to us. The full power of the subconscious mind is so vast that the conscious mind would look like a tiny blip by comparison. Moreover, the key point is that much of that higher consiousness intelligence is transmitted in non-linear symbolic ways, such as dreams, sensations and intuitions (both physical and mental).

We start to gain access to this inner body guidance and emotional intelligence when we simply begin to develop awareness; to go within and pay attention to what our inner being is trying to tell us through the medium of the physical body. If you have never paid heed to your body and its messages to you, but simply regard it as a vehicle to get you around in life, then you are not only  closed to ANY form of guidance from this direction whatsoever, but you are also at grave risk of ignoring critical messages that the body is trying to communicate to you about your physical health. Illness is most often a manifestation of inattention to the needs of your physical, mental and spiritual being. If you cannot even receive THESE critical messages, then you are definitely closed to the infinitely more subtle refined messages that are available all the time.

To reawaken guidance through the physical body, pay more attention to it. This can definitely be done in a conscious deliberate way through meditation upon the body in a quiet place. It can also be done throughout the day as you monitor how your body is responding, the feelings you are getting on an ongoing basis, as you go from one situation to another. In other words, you practice Mindfulness, as the Buddhists call it, but specifically focused upon your body, its sensations and emotions.

Do you feel an unsettling sensation in your stomach in certain situations that later turn out for the worst for you? Do you literally feel a pain in the neck (!) around certain people who are negative and unhelpful? When you have an illness of some sort, what were you doing and experiencing in the days or even hours prior that might have actually been a direct cause?

As you pay attention to your body, its sensations, and its relationship with your emotions, you will start to pick up on certain specific indicators that are laden with meaning for you. These indicators will be personal for you and will be different for another person. Record them. Pay heed to them when they repeat themselves. Seek to become ever more attentive and ever more sensitive to the inner promptings. As you do so, you are giving your body and higher consciousness permission to reveal ever more to you via this medium that you have opened up. Gradually, you open yourself up to the emotional intelligence that the body can offer you.

You can even use your body for guidance through developing some system for “Yes” and “No” answers. Some people use a simple pendulum of some sort, made by tying an object like a crystal or a stone to a piece of string. This works fine. However, you can also establish a certain feeling sensation, one positive and wholesome and the other negative and unsettling to do precisely the same thing. You then relax yourself, get calm and quiet, ask your question, and see what response you receive.

However, the body can provide much more guidance throughout your life, far beyond mere “Yes” and “No” situations. You can be guided to the right place for you, the right partner, good and bad business transactions and more. In fact, it is said that most top business men and women and unknowing intuitives. After all, what is “gut feeling” but bodily intuition?…

The point of all this is that you have a priceless system of inner guidance within you right NOW. You are doing yourself a massive disservice to ignore it since it is not only a part of you, it is INTENDED to be used in the way that we have been discussing. To fail to do so is to live with only part of your brain switched on.

However, to live in tune with your body and its guidance is to live more truly, more holistically and to live far better because you are receiving correct emotional intelligence guidance, personal to you from the source of All; direct connection to universal intelligence

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