Treat and Move Your Feet, by Demetra Yuvanu

Spiritual Mind Treatment, or Scientific Prayer as it’s often
called, is a form of Spiritual Mind Healing. This type of prayer
is called scientific because it’s fail-proof, and mind treatment
because it rids the mind of embedded falsities, reestablishing
our ever present connection to Spirit, the Divine Source of all
things visible and invisible.

When we come into this world, our connection to Spirit is whole,
it is undamaged. As children, we exude love, peace, beauty and
goodness, expressing that perfection of heart and mind freely
without reservations or judgment. As we move out of early
childhood, that innate knowing loses its purity to the mental and
emotional input of the people and situations around us. Our
Divine potential is shrouded by the collective consciousness.
Fear, guilt, resentment, lack, limitation and altogether “wrong”,
replace or muddle in our minds and hearts the underlying
Perfection/Truth of Spirit. In actuality, our God-like
Perfection has never left us. The separation from it is only an
illusion which if we choose, can illuminate and ultimately heal
through our recognition and acceptance of Spirit’s attributes.
That is where Spiritual Mind Healing in the form of Spiritual
Mind Treating comes in. Through this praying practice, we peel
off, layer by layer, acquired falsities and replace them with
concepts of Perfection which spiritualize the mind.

Treating is praying. What makes it unique is that one is not
asking for the desired results. Instead, one commands them from
the Universe/God. One’s initial reaction might be that this
approach is a bit arrogant. Commanding God? Who are we to do
that? How dare we? Well, we are a component of God, made to His
image. That makes us God-like, owning the same attributes as God.
In that light, we are commanding and claiming our power back,
which is already ours by birthright. There’s a catch though.
These attributes, as mentioned earlier, are to a large extent
buried deeply in us or distorted altogether. Our mind and
emotions see to that, but Spiritual Mind Treatment can and does
take us to a place of dominion, poise and empowerment if we only
let it.

Spiritual Mind Healing through Treatment, neither creates our
desires from scratch, nor does It change God’s Mind in order to
give us what we desire. You see, our good is already in
existence and we bring it forth through our mind’s direction and
absolute acceptance of it. That good can consist of various
physical forms or experiences. For example, it can be in the
form of a house, a car, a computer, a watch, or in the experience
of a fulfilling job, a genuine and loving relationship, a fun
vacation, a financially abundant life. It can also be
non-physical, residing in the emotional, mental or spiritual
realms. A paradigm of that would be peace of mind regardless of
any existing adversities, a relationship healed from emotional
pain, or a non-compromised awareness of one’s union with

The areas of our lives in need of healing can be endless and ever
evolving. Treating is the catalyst that can bring the desired
healing forth. It clears out the mental and/or emotional debris
if you will, floods it with Truth and directs the Universal Power
through the medium of our mind and our intention. Using our free
will and God-given intellect to consciously direct and energize
our lives can only bring us closer to the Source. The Source
wants us to be free, happy, abundant and confident co-creators.

The majority of the time, the results of treating come to us as
strong, undeniable guidance for action, and other times they
simply appear with no action required on our part. They also
come either as the exact form or experience we had been treating
for, or as its essence. For instance, one could be treating for
a million dollars, but in reality what one wants is the freedom
from financial restraints and worries. The result of the
treatment could very easily be a change in one’s financial or
employment situation that would afford one the desired freedom.
One would still get the essence of his or her desire. So, treat
and move your feet if guided to do so, knowing that you are on
track to an empowered and charmed life!

When we know that whatever we focus on expands and that we own
the choice of our focus, it makes sense to focus on our
treatment. In doing so, we spiritualize our mind and allow
ourselves to effectively receive the Divine Substance in our
deeply desired form or experience.

Demetra Yuvanu has been interested in self-empowerment and
metaphysics for over 30 years. Her life reflects the learned and
applied principles from her studies, which in turn have led to
the creation of her two books: BeJoWiLo’s Upper House, a novel
for ages 6-12, which playfully and clearly teaches the principles
of focus and choice, and About Spiritual Mind Treatments, which
sets the basic foundation for Spiritual Mind Healing.

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