Tony Robbins Firewalk – Unleash The Power Within (UPW) Seminar

It was Firewalk time at the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within seminar in Rome 2009. And as I listened to Robbins giving us all the instructions for how to do the Firewalk, I must admit I felt a trifle nervous. Doubtless, most all of the 6,000 people assembled that night at the seminar at Fiera di Roma felt much the same.
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That morning as I registered and read through the Unleash The Power Within introductory information, when it told me that there is no obligation to do the Firewalk, I remember thinking to myself “Well, maybe I’ll be one of the ones who doesn’t do it. But who knows?… Let’s wait and see.”

And when it came to the point in the seminar when Tony Robbins showed us all the red-hot embers on those huge screens, it kind of re-emphasized that scary feeling. However, what I noticed was that Anthony Robbins didn’t talk to us as if he expected a certain proportion of us to chicken out. Even though it is there in writing, it’s not as if in the moment he was talking or even thinking about that for us. He taught us exactly what to do as if he totally expected every single one of us to go through the firewalk experience.

To walk over fire! Wow, what a thought! A scary idea in the cold light of day, in the comfort of your living room somewhere far away. Surely, that’s the sort of thing that other people do? Or maybe Indian Fakirs. But you… or me?! Surely not? Could we really train out minds to the extent that we could do it?

What is the point of doing a Firewalk at Unleash The Power Within anyway? Why not just get Tony’s teachings and have done with it? The idea is that rather than just get a ton more theory, which you can get in any book or DVD, you have to experience the challenge of facing something you believe you can’t do, something that is well-night IMPOSSIBLE to do, and then face up to it and just go ahead and DO it. That’s why the firewalk is such an essential part of this Tony Robbins seminar because it teaches you that if you can face up to your fears and do this, everything else in your life – all the other challenges you will inevitably face – become easy by comparison.

Well, without going into specific details, I can say that the training was extremely thorough and left nothing to chance. We were told exactly how to prepare, what to do, and even what to think as we were going over. We had to rehearse this mentally over and over again until we had pretty well memorized the whole thing.

And then came the moment to simply go out and DO IT!

It was dark outside, already past 10:30PM, but not cold since Rome remains warm even in late September. The UPW seminar organizers had prepared a large number of firewalks to accommodate the thousands who would do it. Some people looked relaxed, some people talked rather nervously to each other, while others were just pensive and quiet.

It didn’t take long to get into a queue and almost before I expected it, the crowd parted and it was my time to go over. I really didn’t have time to be afraid or think twice about it. The fact is that even if I had, we were all so well trained by now that I would almost certainly have done it anyway.Unleash The Power Within Seminar Firewalk Certificate

I felt no fear at all. As Tony Robbins teaches, it was all about pure performance now. He had taught us exactly how to get into peak state, motivate ourselves with the right vision and clear outcome, and how to fill our minds with the right thoughts.

So, when the moment came, I just walked straight over, muttering the motivational mantra that Tony had taught us. It was over before I knew it and I actually felt nothing. Frankly, I wanted to do it again!

And yes, I felt great to have done it! There was that great feeling of euphoria as I celebrated on the other side. After all, if you can walk across fire thousands of degrees hot, what can you NOT do?!

Next day, I collected my certificate (which you can see in the photo). I proudly display it in my office to remind me of my achievement. When I get discouraged or feel overwhelmed, it helps remind me that after doing Unleash The Power Within firewalk, I don’t have to let anything stop me. It’s just such a great reference of success.

So, if you get a chance to do the firewalk, if Tony Robbins is in your city (or country) and you have the opportunity, you should definitely consider going along if you possibly can. It’s a life-changing experience because it demonstrates to YOU what you can do if you put your mind to it and are totally committed. It’s one thing to read about it, but quite another to actually DO it. Like I said at the start, I half expected to be one of the people who perhaps might chicken out. Instead, I am left with a huge positive reference that will serve me henceforth throughout my life, in whatever I do.

So, a big thank to you Tony Robbins for creating the opportunity for me to see just how far I can stretch and yet come through successful!

Asoka Selvarajah

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