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Thoughts On Destiny

The following is taken from Larry De Rusha’s “Roar From Within” Life Purpose Course, and is on the subject of Destiny:

Everyone has a purpose and everyone is called by Destiny. Although
you may not think you have a purpose and certainly might not
understand it, you have a purpose. You can know it and understand it.

Some people hear Destiny’s call when they’re small children. You’ve
noticed them. They know what they’re going to do when they grow up.
As teenagers, they chart their course and begin studying. Then,
never wavering, regardless of stormy weather or sunny sailing, they
single-mindedly pursue the goal.

Some hear it after they have just lost their job or during a
midlife crisis. Some Destiny calls loudly – perhaps through a
serious illness. Many people heed the call and prepare to take on
the duties and responsibility of a yet-to-be-revealed journey. Still
others ignore her.

Some miss Destiny’s call completely. They’re too busy. Their days
are packed with doing, doing, doing. They are enamored by stuff,
whirling around in circumstances, or at the mercy of the effects.
They are afraid to answer Destiny’s call. Some are afraid to leave
the known for the unknown.

Unfortunately, others are never home to get the call! If they do
hear the ring, they’re compelled to be in the company of others to
drown out the sounds of their deepest fear. They resist change and
bark at those who suggest new possibilities.

But if Destiny calls and you refuse to answer, a nagging sensation
will haunt you. Your life is somehow not what you expected. IF it
is what you expected, it’s not fulfilling. Full, yet not
fulfilling. Your dreams? A simple escape from your current situation.

While you are unconscious, Destiny guides you though what appears
as chance circumstances. But it is hardly the case. Regardless of
your perspective, what you are doing is what you are supposed to be
doing based on your thinking/feeling world. You may be unconscious
of why and what the greater reason is but you are moving toward a

Copyright Larry De Rusha.

About Asoka Selvarajah

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is a writer and teacher of personal growth and spirituality, and the author of numerous books and courses. His work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and discover their soul’s purpose.Subscribe to the Aspire To Wisdom list to receive more articles and resources to your inbox.

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  1. Is this blog saying that one’s fear s are their destiny??

  2. Our words may differ between but that would mean s zero, nothing in fact. All words are just the collection of sounds until they rest on a sheet of paper. Words become the truth at overcoming the boundary of a quotable text and through becoming the inseparable part of the one, who confess them. Truth origins hide in our lips but not the handwritings that we may even ignore for not to come in a confusion of the mess around, for not to fall in traps of interpretation that may sound exclusively beautifully and be very attractive… It’s hard to trust anybody but, my dear Asoka Selvarajah, I am your subscriber and it is so already for a long time. And I am happy to thank you for the example of a faithfulness that you are sharing with us.
    All our insights are decorated with the beauty of the synonyms that increases in the light of a thought about what it means to be an antonym. Worldwide known heroes Gulliver, Quixote and multitude of others appears thus on a stage.
    At first glance it may seem that our authorities are different, but such conclusion would be as a false so a childish- in spite of the fact that some logic would be there.
    In short, my dear Asoka Selvarajah and Larry De Rusha, while thinking about you I recall that one and only our difference is our fingertips script that looses meaning at the moment we start to put to practice what we claim to be the truth, at the moment that we recall an obligatory necessity of joining our words with concrete deeds. If to put that in other words, it may be even more complete. The truth ceases lying when we add action steps to our own meditations. Miracles happen then and therefore I don’t loose hope that you and I will become a pen friends one day and that will be so. All people will comprehend their divine origin and will cease to doubt what to do with that precious truth.

    With respect and love
    Sincerely yours
    Tomas Karkalas

  3. Thanks for sharing your thougths with me. I think that we all have to think someday in our life that what we are doing with our life. What is the purpose of our life? And meditation is the best method for this; for one need not say anybody else in to guide us of tell what is our life’s purpose the question to our answers comes from within from our Soul.

    Thanks again
    Sanjay Sehgal

  4. Hello Velma,

    In answer to your question, I think that what Larry De Rusha is saying is that some people who don’t acknowledge their destiny do so because they are fearful of stepping out of their safety zone. They ignore their intuition/ gut instinct / guidance because they are fearful for some reason. Your fears aren’t your destiny. You may need to confront all or some of your fears in order to walk the path of ‘destiny’. But the fear itself is not the destiny, it is merely an speed bump to overcome on the journey.
    Guidance towards your life purpose will most likely be postive and consistent.
    This is only my interpretation. I hpe it helps.
    Love & Harmony

  5. You choose your destiny… there is no fate! even with circumstances that seem ill fate, were chosen by you unconciously, YOU ALLWAYS HAVE A CHOICE

    Keep up the good work asoka!LarvaMaster

  6. Hi Asoka,

    Debatable! In my opinion destiny calls everyone but it is our choice to hear it and act upon it or simply ignore it. Some people will choose to ignore it simply out of fear, leaving their comfort-zone or time is not right. I really beleive it is a choice one has to make in life but it is there for us! You and I were destined to meet and it was a choice of signing up to your newsletters or ignore you. I’m glad I made the choice of signing up. There are no coincidences in life!! Keep up the good work!

    Warm regards,


  7. comment to larva: ok, if we choose our own destiny unconsciously as you proclaim, then it’s obvious that consciously we have very little control over it. just thought i would point out this oversight.

  8. Hi… I like your comments… I can see that we might very well choose our destiny unconsciously (or subconsciously). But I also think that we DO have a lot of control over our conscious life… but that we aren’t always aware (or conscious) of that fact.

    …Did that make sense the way i phrased it?!

  9. By the way… i think you are so right on regarding many being fearful of stepping out of their safety zone.–this is a timely theme. I see so many that are fearful to acknowledge or admit or talk about the fact that we are inded at a crossroads as a human race right now. Our race is “constellating” or “splitting” just as the human psyche does when it faces the truth of ones life or the “shadow.” –the opposites or polarities in our race are becoming more and more pronounced (just as in the splitting of the opposites in the psyche!) Humans are making the choice to ascend to the spiritual realm or “die” into the physical or mundane or meaningless (as it is without the spiritual) — My challenge is merging the two. I believe that ascension or rebirth requires one to merge the spiritual with the physical (at least in a metaphorical sense) but not to escape it or release ones responsibility of it… I’m learning I think that I’m changing the physical through soul/spirrit –and in return I’m starting to see the physial world respond and support me back

    and I agree and understand Tomas. Our basic truth is the same we just express or interpret in a way we understand or in our own “language” (hence why people have different gods and religions (yet they can have striking similarities as the myths, the goddesses and the stories of ancient civilization. –I often wonder how anyone could study mythology and not see the spirit of our collective soul imprinted everywhere.

    one more thought… destiny isn’t fate in my mind but what we chose to do with our “fear energy” –courageously face it or use denial to adapt to a reality that isn’t real. Sadly I see american culture ever-deepening it’s denial of reality and what is the trigger…. fear…. all too obvious I guess….

    🙂 Thanks for listening…

  10. Hope I’m not “over-posting” but I was just curious about all of you… as to what or who have you (any and all of you) read or been influenced by spiritually that had great impact on you…. just curious and wondering if anything has influenced anyone strongly as of late. 🙂 thank you

  11. Hi sentha,

    I have studied mythology for quite a while (for fun), and it is absolutely true that many, many myths from different times and cultures have the same core story. I believe this is where Carl Jung derived his idea for the psychological archetypes.

    Since it could be somewhat difficult to discuss spiritual influences here, why don’t you visit the Mystic Visions message board? http://www.aksworld.com/discus/

    There are many topics for conversation (and you can always start a new one), and a bunch of wonderful people to converse with. I hope you will come over and chat. 🙂


    Sorry for the delay in writing, lots of priorities with my life. Life-changing things, I find it hard to try and keep up with everything, and just keep myself going. My first thoughts are with, “Sustainable Planet,” how are we going to keep the planet going, no killer toxics, killing everyone. And now Earth Day is coming up, and it’s Climate Change, this is getting more drastic, and keeping nature intact.

  13. Should one rely so much on their fate? There are nearly 10 billion people on the planet and you are just one person.

    Is is possible that one has several possible destinies?

    Does it matter if you choose to live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or some other city?

    Does it matter if you choose to work at Walmart, Exxon, Microsoft or some other company?

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