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Thoughts From A Marketing Expert

Here are a couple of most interesting thoughts from Gary Halbert, one of the greatest marketing minds in the USA. In discussing success in general, and business success in particular, he made two interesting suggestions:

(1) Be willing to make more mistakes.

He asserts that between where you are now and where you want to get to in any area in your life, there are a finite number of mistakes. You may not know how many there are, but the number is fixed. Therefore, resolve to make those finite number of mistakes as fast as possible, and that will get you to your destination that much sooner!

In other words, do something!

(2) Be more willing to be ripped off.

All too often, we are unwilling to try some new product, or believe some assertion an advertiser makes, because we have been stung before. Curb that tendency. You can only make rapid progress by learning from experts; not by re-inventing the wheel. Sure, there are con artists out there. But like we said in point (1), if you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn. So, try out some of the books, seminars, and tapes that promise to take you where you want to go. Sure, you might get ripped off yet again…

But guess what? One or two of them might actually deliver! And then where would you be?!….

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