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Thought Power: Your Habitual Thoughts Manifest Your Future Reality

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Endeavor to keep before your mind’s eye the thought that every physical or material condition in your life corresponds to your habitual thought tendency, and your thought tendency will eventually become the reproduction of the way you regard your personal life, as related to all life.

Genevieve Behrand

This is a quotation regarding the power of thought that you may wish to ponder deeply, or even print out and stick up on a wall if you are interested in manifesting the life of your dreams. Your habitual thought tendency gives rise to every physical and material thing in your life, either directly or indirectly.

If this is so, then how important is it to be totally vigilant about every thought you think?…

After all, if you knew, really knew, that every thought has a direct consequence for you, how careful would you be about how you think? If you could actually see the consequential path of every thought, leading to its final manifestation for good or ill, don’t you think it would produce an immediate change to your behavior?

The whole problem is that we receive no such feedback. There is no visible, immediate, direct correlation between our thoughts and what manifests in your lives. That is why we falsely believe there is NO relationship.

However, that would be a foolish mistake to make.

Both ancient and modern teachings agree that there is such a relationship. Careful philosophical musing over your life will reveal much of it to you if you will just spend the time to ponder and examine the past and the present. Remember to that your habitual thinking right now is creating your future in this very moment. So, if you want to see  what your future will look like, examine your habitual thinking right now.

Do you like what you see?

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