This Unfair World

Does life too often seem unjust and unfair?…

 “Why is everything unfair and unjust in this world?…”

It’s a question a lot of people have on their minds. Frankly, it’s a very big question too. Philosophers and mystics have pondered this for as long as humans have been on this earth. Hence, it’s impossible to give a definitive answer. However, here are my personal thoughts on the matter.

We have to see this from two points of view simultaneously; two viewpoints which are ultimately paradoxical to each other. The first is our standard personality consciousness. From this point of view, many things in life do seem unfair. Not only do they seem unfair, they actually are unfair. I don’t need to give examples. You know what we are talking about. However, that is just from the personality consciousness viewpoint.

In order to believe that life is unfair, you have to completely believe in the “reality” of the personality consciousness experiencing that life, and its interpretation of what is being presented to it by the senses. Now, the other viewpoint is what we might all the “enlightenment perspective”.

This is essentially the dispassionate, detached observer – pure consciousness – that can watch the unfolding of events without judgment or blame. It does not have mental investment in world events. It just sees them come and go, like the water flowing by in a river.

To it, the meanings and motives we attribute to events are essentially illusory. Not only that, it perceives the human body and the human consciousness to be equally illusory. from that higher consciousness perspective, there is no “unfairness” and “injustice”. Things just are. That’s all.

Even if you suffer physically or mentally, this higher consciousness perspective is untroubled because it realizes that the suffering and death of the physical body is not ultimate in any sense, but just a passing phase in existence.

Now, all of this is admittedly a pretty tough perspective for most of us to achieve on an ongoing basis We may be momentarily capable of this, but in the unenlightened state, it is impossible to sustain for any appreciable length of time. And the vast majority of us are unenlightened, no matter how much modern Western spiritual books and courses might like to tell you differently.

Now, this higher consciousness we are talking about is largely an Eastern mystical perspective. It cannot generally be found in the Western tradition, as represented by religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. All of these do assume the reality of the individual person as a given. There is no illusion here. A person is real, and that person’s consciousness is real. Likewise, if there is a higher perspective that makes all things right, it is the personal God’s perspective alone. Moreover, this perspective is “right” because God knows his own private purposes and plans that are working themselves out in his creation.

Hence, from the human point of view, according to this system, things are unfair. BUT… all will be made right when God’s purposes are finally revealed. Until then, we must have faith and trust that all will eventually work together for good for those that trust in God. There are many problems with this approach, not least of which is the perfectly valid question as to why God created such a perverse situation in the first place. Christianity, at least, has to give a strange and convoluted answer in order to devolve direct responsibility for the situation from God himself. This, however, is never really done with any great degree of satisfaction, and still leaves many questions unanswered.

Pure enlightened consciousness sees no duality.

The Eastern perspective on higher consciousness poses fewer problems, and is ultimately more satisfactory. It does not need to resort to notions of Sin, Judgment, Devil or anything else like this in order to give a satisfactory explanation of what we perceive. Instead, the cosmic Law of Cause & Effect – called Karma – ultimately dictates, in a totally dispassionate, unbiased and irrefutable manner, why beings experience what they do, either for good or ill.

However, we have to be careful not to “talk theory” all the time about this higher perspective, whilst still remaining firmly rooted in our own normal consciousness. You see this a lot in New Age online forums. It’s easy to talk enlightenment, i.e. talk of things you have never personally experienced, but it’s quite something else to live it. Be gentle with yourself, and gradually work towards the higher consciousness perspective. It may not be something that you even achieve in this lifetime.

However, you can still remind yourself of it constantly whenever you look at the world and all of its sufferings, and despair of it all. The world may seem and unfair, and actually BE unfair to the personality consciousness. However, every time it seems so, remember that you are associating with a view of reality that is ultimately confined by your own senses and your own necessarily limited understanding.

There is a higher perspective possible. So, as much as possible, mentally associate with it. One day, it will become your reality.

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