The Worry Stories You Create

Have you ever worried terribly about something that never happened? Have you ever imagined with great certainty that something intensely bad was happening , but it all turned out to be utter nonsense?

It’s been said that worry is negative expectation of future events i.e. actually creating negative fantasies about the future.

The fact is that most people do this much of the time. We fear falling ill. We fear accidents. We fear being robbed or killed. We fear gaining weight. We fear being poor. We fear terrorists. We fear all sorts of things.

Most of these fears, if honestly examined, have little or no basis in fact. Few of them actually come true. Yet these thoughts all too often occupy our minds and even shape our minds, making them more negative and fearful.

If an aging family member living alone does not answer the telephone for a long time, do you fear that he/she is dead? And later discover that there was a fault with the phone, or the person was busy for several days, and did not check the messages? Fact: a telephone is not an indicator of the health of the owner. Fantasy: if the person does not answer, he/she might be lying there dead.

So, why bring this up?…

The fact is that this kind of thinking shapes our minds and helps make us who and what we are. If you consistently imagine negative future scenarios, then that is the kind of person you become. It is difficult to be abundant, confident and empowered if your mind is consistently running riot with negative scenarios.

Moreover, the truth is that you may actually influence your environment to create negative scenarios. The mind has tremendous power to create whatever it can imagine. This is true for potential disasters as well. So, beware what you focus upon: you might just get it.

As spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle points out, all our fears and worries lie in the future. You cannot worry about the past because it is already done and over. You cannot really worry about the present moment because all you can really do in the Now is to act and respond. It makes no sense to worry about THIS very second. So, you worry about the future, which almost by definition is an unknown.

Worry and negativity about any person or situation cannot change anything for the better. Many would say that it cannot change anything at all. However, the truth is that it can either help create the very scenario we dread, or energize something of like kind to occur.

If you can at least maintain neutrality in your mind towards people and events, that is an accomplishment. It helps you to think far more objectively about them. Making specific plans to meet and cover potential disaster scenarios makes far more sense than just “worrying” about them. At least you equip yourself with specific strategies. Having a determination to maintain your thinking in a positive upbeat manner is the best strategy of all. Focus on what you actually want, and not on what you do NOT want.

For even more strategies on unlocking your mind in a way that serves you rather than harms you, there is an excellent resource that I have for you called Your Inner Greatness. It will help you deal worry a death blow, and manifest the full power of your talents and abilities for the benefit of all.


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