The Theory & Practice Of Meditation by Dr. Douglas Baker

Dr. Baker’s book is an excellent course on The Theory and Practice of Meditation, gleaned from many decades of personal practice. It not only gives excellent material for the beginner to commence meditation practice. There is much deep wisdom for the extremely experienced practitioner too. Yet, all is explained in a most accessible manner that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject.

The book goes much further still. It is no less than a course on things esoteric. Dr. Baker hails from the Theosophy tradition, and was a teacher of the esoteric for many decades, as well as the author of many fine books, of which this is one.

However, he has made countless additional discoveries of his own and shares much accumulated wisdom, culled from literally decades of occult research. You will be given many meditation techniques, as well as numerous objects for meditation.

You will also learn about the chakras, about keeping a spiritual diary, will learn how to totally withdraw your senses into the inner world, and much more. The book is lavishly illustrated with both color and black and white drawings. However, be aware that this volume is of considerable depth, and does not make light reading.

Dr. Baker’s The Theory and Practice of Meditation book will grow with your practice, as it has been written by a master of meditation from direct personal experience.


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