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The Terrorist Granny….

60-year old in-flight granny panics with claustrophobia!

Next thing.. she’s handcuffed! Suspicious “notes” are
found. Two F-16 fight jets are scrambled (just in case the plane
needs to be shot down). Flight gets diverted. Delayed on tarmac
for hours. Sniffer dogs nosing everyone’s baggage. And the
whole thing makes it onto worldwide TV!

Didn’t do much for her claustrophobia, I guess.

Heck! It’s a good thing she didn’t complain about the food, isn’t

Come on! Isn’t this “terrorism” nonsense all going a bit too far?
Aren’t we all beginning to look just a bit STUPID?!

Aren’t the worst terrorists these days the media themselves?


P.S. I just discovered something very disturbing…

I’ve got a brown face! You see, I’m a British Asian! I use the
internet, and I’ve been “sending messages”!

And sometimes…. sometimes, I don’t shave for a day or two!…

Which, put together, can make me look “very suspicious”, don’t
you think? Rather like the guys on all those terrorist mugshots,
you keep seeing on TV…

Waddya think? Should I be called in for questioning?….

Guess what? I might even be in your neighborhood someday. And I
might STILL not have shaved properly! (Shock! Horror!)

P.P.S Bob Dylan got it just right in Talkin’ John Birch Society
Check out the lyrics. Just
substitute “Terrorist” for “Red” or “Communist” .

And bear in mind, he wrote over forty years ago. I guess some
idiots never change?

You might like to check out Masters Of War, while you’re at it. Just think “Bush/Blair” as you read it.

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  1. Amen to that, Asoka. I would be ever so pleased to have you in my neighborhood. Shaved or not!
    You are my brother and I love you!

  2. I dont know, Asoka….you’re a pretty suspicious looking character as it is! (Just kididng, of course!)

    Seriously, though, I think the government and the media are doing their best to create as paranoid a society as they possibly can so rights can be further curtailed as the hand of “big brother” reachers further and grasps as much control as possible.

    It is ridiculous, but most people think this is all completely justified given the “threat” we are “constantly” under. It completely boggles my mind that some people are actually happy to have their rights violated or taken away because the media and government have made them feel “loyal” and “patriotic” to do so. Personally, I feel it’s more patriotic to adhere to the laws and the U. S. Constitution than to undermine the structure of the government by giving in to insubstantial hype.

    Right now there is a news story about a federal judge who just ruled on the legality of the “warrantless surveillance program, saying it violated the rights to free speech and privacy, as well as the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution.” Let’s hope that ruling does some good toward restoring the rights and sanity of the people.

  3. Stupidity seems to be running rampant.
    How about Senator Allen calling a camera man
    a macaca and facetiously welcoming him to America
    because of his dark brown skin? The gentleman
    filming the Senator had been born and raised in
    Virginia! Or citing terrorism as a reason to
    stay the course in Iraq when it’s the American
    presence in Iraq inspiring these new terrorist
    plots. The problem is people are thinking with
    what they sit on instead of their brains!

  4. So many seem to have totally lost the reason we are on the planet in the first place. The news here in Australia over the past two days is to honour the dead from fighting in Vietnam. So many young lives lost for what ? For those of you who have seen “The Secret” dvd – how futile is it to wage war on anyone in the first place.

    Same thing with the medical profession ! A system designed to pay the doctor to just “cover up” the problem with a drug. e.g. Iff you have pain, he prescribes painkillers – useless as the root cause is still there. If we did more about “prevention” in both cases, maybe we could move towards the “Ideal World” so many are looking for, but looking in the wrong place in most cases.

  5. Hi,
    I think the terrorist are getting just what they want…they are eating away at our freedom little bits at a time…we are falling right into their devious plan. They want the whole country parinoid, scared, and divided…you know the old phrase…” Divide and Conquer” that’s exactly what they are up to. I had a client of mine who flew recently…she is a Greek American, and she was pulled aside, all her personal belongings searched and she was frisked…she said it was the most humiliating thing she’s ever been exposed to…it’s just wrong. And I agree with you, The Media and the politians are to blame. We have become such a society of mindless puppets…It’s really sad. Our Country is broken and I don’t think it can be fixed. It need a whole restructuring from the ground up…going back to what we first had in place many years ago. People who actually had morals, and cared about others.
    Many Blessings, Debby

  6. Amazing how our government/media continue to feed the negativity to the masses!
    We are “the people” and we should be the ones who make the decisions for a better world that we were given, and we are responsible for.
    I don’t mean to sound crass, but sometimes the truth will set us FREE!
    Blessings to ALL

  7. I totally agree with the statements above, bravo to all!
    Is terrorism a cause or an effect? That is the question we all need to ask ourselves…
    We’re definitely moving faster and faster towards the paradigm shift, I guess all this needs to happen so that people may shift their thoughts and ways of seeing the meaning of life. I live in North America and I tell you, I rather dye 1000 deaths than live one day in fear… hey… does anybody really think that I’m here to stay? I’m just passing through, no intention whatsoever to remain here…
    Sooner or later we all have to discover that we are not this body, but that which drives the body…

  8. I usually don’t post much anymore, but this topic got my attention. It is amazing that so many “educated” folks here is the USA have so much fear (actually fear grips the whole world). Of course it is the fear of the unknown and when you don’t know, you usually fill in the blanks in your thought process with things that are fearful. Fear only creates more fear, so I guess we can expect more of the same in the “future.” We are willing to give up our rights (by the interpretation of those whose job it is to interpret the law i.e. judges and other politicians) to feel secure from the dreaded multi-headed monster of fear. But we individually and collectively will get what we think about most. As A Man Thinketh, So Shall He Be. It’s sad sometimes.

  9. If it was claustrophobia could something be done to keep them calm so they don’t cause a ruckus; also is it possible that this person did not know that they suffered a form of claustrophobia?

    Then again is it possible to train the flight crew to see if it is a case of claustrophobia or something dealing with mental illness? It’s a case of darn if you do and darn if you don’t. We don’t punish people for being sick, we help them.

  10. Sadly they got most of us right where they want us, running scared. Luckily there are smart people like us that are aware of what is really going on. There is little if any real threat; just lies, deceit and F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)

  11. Hi Asoka! You’re the most cheerful and handsome looking terror suspect of which I’ve ever seen a photo.
    I believe that Bush and Blair are faking terrorist plots to create chaos and keep us from seeing they are the dark trying to keep down the light. They will be left behind when we move into higher spiritual dimensions of love and peace.

  12. my family in seattle.
    long planned family reunion in virginia.
    recent deaths in the family, making it more special.
    scheduled to fly out that fateful morning.
    airport chaos, security understaffed, muddled.
    five of the seven didn’t make it on the plane.
    our plane less than half full.
    i am beyond annoyed, i am angry.
    imcompetent leadership, founded on lies.
    how about love instead of hate.
    peace instead of this constant warring.
    me, 61,a mother, grandmother,and now an activist.
    shame on us to cowtow to their fear tactics.

  13. Hi My brother,

    cvouldn’t agree more. It’s all part of the plan…to create problem first and then offer the “solution” that serves their own agenda.
    Feeding so much fear to the collective consciousness can’t do any good to human race. We all need to strive very hard to see through this veil of deception and never let go of peace and love. This is the only cure for this tyrrany.

    God Bless all.

  14. Thank you all so much for your comments. Keep them coming if you have not posted already.

    I want to refer you to some articles I wrote immediately after 9/11. If you read the first one, in all humility, I begin to sound something like a prophet! At the time, these articles aroused a lot of hostility. I think the first one was way ahead of its time. America was in denial and had no answers. Very few people there could even begin to accept the Cause/Effect relationships I suggested there.

    Today, I think a lot more people can see the sense of what I was saying. Again, bear in mind that what you will read there was not written yesterday (it sounds THAT contemporary!) but rather five years ago.

    Ask yourself if what I said and predicted there has not largely come to pass?

    Here it is…

    The 9/11 Articles

    I think you will find it eye-opening. Come back and comment here.


  15. I just read all 14 comments and I think it is so fascinating that everyone has said pretty much what I have thought about the whole fear and terrorism thing all along. However, I am in the minority in the USA because I am not buying the fear they are selling. I think it says so much that all 14 commments on this so far are against the terrorism and fear. Could it be because this is a group that is seeking enlightenment by being on Asoka’s list in the first place? I think the enlightenment is coming along nicely by the comments I have read. Fourteen comments by people who seem able to think for themselves. If we could now get the rest of the masses to think for themselves as well.

  16. While the people are weeping, is not it rough to share my joyful experiences? In spite of the fact that it looks indeed a silly thing, I am hearty grateful to Asoka for the “terror granny” blog post and the invitation to participate in the discussion. Let me explain that more profoundly.
    I was greatly confused, yet THAT RECALLED the essentials, and I was healed so, renewed and inspired to forget my body’ autumn.

    Terrorism isn’t an artistic fantasy, but the rough reality, and therefore there is no place to any apathy or scientific discussions about the good or bad taste. Increase in terrorism depicts a state of our current day and fills our lives with fear ad anger. It hides the sun in the darkest clouds and makes everything meaningless. Have a look. People strive to fortify the peace, to inhabit the truth worldwide, however, in spite of these generous desires the number of the innocent victims terrifying increases, and it seems that there isn’t any solution. This is the most fearful. Yet, can it be so indeed?

    Worry lifts up the eyes to the heaven and the sacred scriptures start speaking, we discern God’s call amidst current turmoil and our humble response creates the miracles. We encounter babyish smiles of playing children in a state of ruin and stir to the depth. The horror gives back the place to the dawn. Faith in God is the one and only way to survive and have the life, the eternal life without any fear and full with eternal joy. Yet faith in God don’t mean looking exclusively to the heaven, but in the recognizing God’s Spirit indwelling in each of us, in recognizing the self in each other and addressing the former stranger as my dear brother in spirit. God’s love has nothing in common with the laziness or the social apathy. God’s word is our comforter, the healer and the flag as the ultimate goal of all humanity.

    Terrorism provides us possibility to choose, to answer personally, who I am. Do I fight for my own understandings and cut the earth in opposing each other camps, or am I a God’s child, the fearless knight of the divine Love?
    An end of the terrorism I see as the end of a flesh. We all will die one day and the corpse will witness the spiritual revival of the faithful then. However, there isn’t any need to wait for that. In Jesus name we can be reborn just now and for ever.
    Terrorism is the evil that might be defeated spiritually. The terrorism doesn’t fear any other weapons, but otherwise. It rejoices at the music of the guns.

  17. Thanks to the media and the US government, the terrorists are achieving their goals. Almost everyone is afraid of everything and the rights and freedoms that our soldiers fought and died for in previous conflicts are being stripped away to “protect” us from terrorism. Idiocy at it’s finest. If the threat of terrorism is actually real, then the terrorists are sitting back laughing as the US plays right into their hands.

    IMO, however, the only terror that we need to fear is the state-sponsored terrorism at the hands of the US government.

  18. Our governement is out of control. Thanks for letting me speak. I am with you all in saying we should pray for peace everyday and get ready for the asention.


  19. Hi….

    I personally don’t believe in fighting terror with terror! I question ALL those that choose terror, and also who and what is a terrorist and what is terrorism, if a terrorist is someone imposing terror on another…& terrorism is the means and act of imposing terror! It’s kinda like a two way mirror, reflecting back, eh?

    As for weapons of Mass destruction, I think we have all seen enough of what the “Responsible Good Guys” have in that regard and how and where and why they choose to utilize and use it, and what it does and why they don’t want others to have it too!

    Instead of instigating and revenging kidnappings of armed and ‘ready to kill’ patriotic soldiers (or death wish mercenaries), why not investigate and avenge the kidnappings of millions of innocent children to sex slavery and pedophilia and the real cause for the riotious uprisings?

    We War for Peace? How weird!!!!

    Terror (ism) is fear based..Who fears what and why?

    I’m happy to read (here) of Americans and Australians and others not sharing the(ir) National Political Warring Stance and fearful sentiments. I now as a South African have HOPE too! Thanks for reassuring me that I may just be sane and not alone in a peaceloving sanity reality!

    Let’s let grannies be grannies and let’s seek to heal the fear of terror and also the terror imposers..all of them on all sides. There is enough to go around if it is shared..terror attacking and revenging (on BOTH and ALL sides) is like Warring for Peace and Raping for Love and Screwing for Virginity! Let’s educate, facilitate, communicate, negotiate, masticate, delegate, adjudicate and masturbate instead of raping, annihilating, discriminating, agitating,debating, mutilating, imitating, deprivating and constipating!

  20. I am in Australia & a neighbour has booked to go to Bali next week for some surfing. It is amazing how many people are worried for his safty. If only we could get more people to see that we need to believe in only peace & goodwill then the tide could change. ‘Whatever yea thinketh!’ I wish I was going with this neighbour.. I was in India on 9/11, in an Ashram, & still people were frightened…

  21. Finally, I hear some intelligent, rational voices…right here in the blogosphere! Thank you all for giving me a ray of hope.

    Outside of this blog, it seems a lot of people say they are willing to do “whatever it takes” to be secure. I was going to quote Franklin about liberty and security, but John (#10) beat me to it. Another wise saying that comes to mind is, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

    The government is eating away at our freedoms, and the media is adding to the problem with their incessant, 24/7 overreactions.

    Now some “security experts” want US airports to install those scanners that show an image of each person’s naked body. Most Americans objected to these intrusive scanners when they were first discussed; after recent events, however, I fear that most people will accept this latest erosion of our rights for the sake of “security” and “safety.”

    Other government-sponsored “experts” are concerned that “terrorists” will smuggle dangerous materials by inserting them into their body cavities. You know what that means: strip-searches at airports and other big public places, like office buildings, schools, football stadiums, malls…! (I hope this is just an exaggeration.)

    Today (Friday) Bush said that anyone who doesn’t agree with his warrantless wiretapping program “just doesn’t understand that we are at war with the terrorists.” Asoka &Robert (#8 above), you are right: We could replace the word “terrorist” with almost any scary being–Communis, Fascist, Nazi, Big Foot, two-headed monster.

    “Terrorism” is nothing more than a loaded word to make us conform to the government’s will and not protest as they strip away our liberty and dignity. There will always be dangerous people in the world. Right now, it’s handy for the government to call them terrorists. Frankly, I think the true imminent threat is our blind, deaf and dumb government, which is aided and abetted by the media’s 24/7 hysterics.

    Thanks for this opportunity, Asoka!

  22. Is it the media and government who are to blame……or is it the responsibility of the individual. “We the people” start with me!
    Imagine….. if each of us …..instead of reacting out of fear & anger (to terrorist or media)….we responded like Mother Theresa when asked to partake in an anti-war demonstration. She kindly refused…and then offered to attend any peace rally she was invited to. She wasn’t “again” war or terrorism…she was “for” peace.
    Faith or Fear? It’s up to me..the individual. I can choose to be “against” terrorism….or my government for that fact….or I could choose to be “for” peace in all intolerable circumstances. The question I would ask myself is ” Do I want to be in this world or of it.

  23. I agree with the divide and conquer mindset that not just the terrorists but the Governments also are playing. It seems that many of the comments are also directed to that same mindset. It is interesting that many people speak of “they” (Governments/media) as a suppressing force that has total,complete control. What happened to individual responsibility? We are our thoughts, there is no they, each individual is in control of what he/she thinks, feels, emotes and lives. Grassroots change is still alive and well and living within each of us if we can muster the power to initiate it. So come on humanity let’s get together and refine our thoughts, bring collective consciousness to a spiritual level and make change happen.

  24. Hello Asoka,
    Well, all the posts so far seem to be saying pretty much the same sort of thing so I feel compelled to stir things up a bit, and heres my problem: everyone here is talking in fine, “how things ought to be” terms. Spiritual?, well maybe but I dont think thats enough, whats needed is some discussion of the actual, the practical: theres little gained (except as an exercise in hubris) in criticising an action unless you can also show how that action can be done (actually performed – not just talked about) better.
    And this is the problem: your introductory comments are a reference to profiling of suspects, and there is much talk of the injustice of this approach. Problem is, its just common sense – and we all do it. Yes you do. Take for example the situation where you are in the kids playground in the local park, you notice a member of the human race sitting alone watching the kids for rather longer than you feel comfortable with. Are your concerns different if that human is a) a large afro-caribbean lady or b) a single, possibly middle aged white male. You are profiling. And you are most likely right to do so. Fact.
    Another fact is that the overwhelming majority of those who have undertaken suicide bombings on aircraft are of Asian appearance. So sorry Asoka, you’ll have to empty your bags while this situation is ongoing. Unfortunate, regrettable and certainly not what I or any right-minded person wants to happen, but there it is. You see, I’m old enough to remember the IRA bombings here in the U.K – in that case, there was no suspicion of people of Asian appearance, but Irish people certainly got looked at closely.
    Enough of profiling, let me move to another topic: there seems to be a line of thought that there is an underlying equality between the various systems of thought that are behind the players in this current tragedy. I’d like to question that assumption. You may have seen the pictures on the net from India of the eight year old boy having his arm broken for stealing a loaf of bread. I have links with a group that assists Muslim females running from abusive relationships, thing is this isnt just the “normal” domestic violence, refuge type situation. These families will hire hoodlums to track down their women, recover them by force, scar them with battery acid if necessary. We’ve had women doused in petrol and set alight for “dishonouring” the family. It is inconceivable to consider such thinking to be anything other that medieval and retarded. Sharia law, no thanks: our own is bad enough, but this?????
    Its not just a matter of sending loving thoughts out into the world. If you dont like what is being done, and wish for your opinions to be granted any sort of creedence you need to come up with practical ways of doing it better.
    Best wishes,

  25. If history serves me correctly, FEAR was the motivator of Adolf Hitler. That is how he moved a nation to exterminate thousands of human beings. The word “terrorist” is the controlling word that motivates the masses. It is truly so sad to see this beautiful country turn into what is becoming more and more like old communist countries.

  26. Having read all the comments submitted, I
    have my faith in humankind renewed. There ARE
    people who know how to use their brains and who
    have a huge capacity for empathy and compassion.
    The sad thing about being inundated with idiocy
    day after day is that you begin to believe that
    you are surrounded with nothing but idiots. It
    is good to get reminded that that isn’t true. And
    you could not be a suspicious character in my
    book, Asoka; you’re just too cute!

  27. We can not end WAR by fighting.

    We can not stop the violence by fighting with the warmakers.

    We can only end WAR and violence by BECOMING Peaceful.

    Love is the Light.
    Fear is the darkness.
    When we remember to love, all the crap disappears.
    Turn away from the darkness and embrace the light.

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