Why The Terror Barrier Cripples Your Efforts For Greatness

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To truly achieve greatness, you must be willing to face your inner demons, grow as an individual and be determined to constantly improve yourself. Of course, in order to achieve personal growth and make significant advances, you have to be committed to expanding your skill set. This means opening yourself up to having many experiences of a diverse nature that can indeed perfect this skill set.

In other words, you simply cannot afford to be afraid to challenge yourself on a constant basis, take calculated risks, break the inner blocks that present themselves, and repeatedly step beyond your comfort zone. You MUST do it. If you remain enslaved to your fears, you will never reach the kind of greatness that you are surely capable of achieving. This means that others cannot benefit from the gifts and talents that you have to share. Moreover, you will only live a life of frustration, sadness, and wistful thinking.

Actually, the vast majority of people are very fearful in general. They are always hesitant to break out of their comfort zones. Inevitably, this leads them to prefer  to do things that are habitual and familiar. Most people prefer to engage in activities and stay in fields that they are comfortable in, that they believe they already do well. Hardly anybody wishes to break through these sleepy familiar zones and try something truly new for several reasons…

The first reason is that they fear they will fail, or at least under-perform, with the new activity or challenge. This will lead them to feel negative about themselves, thereby reinforcing other negative feelings they have from similar experiences in the past.

The second main reason is a high fear of sheer embarrassment. After all, when your try something new, you will inevitably do it badly to start with. That is true of everyone. So, other people may see them struggle with this new activity or challenge, and look down on them, thereby causing a feeling of humiliation. It’s just so much easier not to try, not to take risks, and stay comfortable and approved of!

All fears, whether from the above reasons or any others act the same way: they stop you from achieving the greatness you are fully capable of achieving, if only you could pull out the “Stop!” signs. Moreover, by simply not challenging yourself (and doing so often)  with new tasks and challenges, it will be almost impossible for you to really grow as an individual. Your skill set will remain stagnant, your growth will be stunted compared to what it might have been, your productivity will remain where it is (or even decline as morale falls), you will fall behind the progress of others, and hence ultimately you will only experience frustration and bitterness.

In fact, you won’t even know  what you might be capable of, or talented at, if you refuse  to set yourself meaningful goals that excite and challenge you. That’s why taking on new tasks and challenges is imperative if you intend to get the most out of your life – both personally and professionally.  Plus, it is not just about you. Think how much other people can benefit if you are truly giving your very best to the world.

Therefore, you need to break through the fear that threatens to stop from achieving your greatness. Don’t ever let it hinder your growth as an individual. Be willing to constantly develop and perfect your existing skills as well as grow new ones.  Find ways to grow your confidence and ability to deal with all the various tasks and challenges of life.

Forget the fear of failure and of what people might think! Break through the comfort zone, allows yourself to grow in every area you wish to experience, and thereby allow your true greatness to SHINE!

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