The Sleeper Awakens Within The Dream

When we awaken from dreams, we realize that they were not real,
but entirely of our own creation. In a dream, you are the
participant as well as the creator of all the other characters
and the settings. In like manner, everyday reality can also be
viewed from this dream perspective; a dream from which each of us
will one day awaken to realize that this too was an illusion of
earthly consciousness.

Yet, many things in everyday existence do have apparent reality.
There are many things we can all independently agree upon. So, if
this is the case, who is doing the dreaming?

The answer may be that we all are – collectively. If we are the
Universe, as well as essentially being spiritually One –
indivisibly part of the Source/God/Creator of all – then we can
conclude that we co-create the joint dream-reality we all
participate in and perceive around us.

It is our spiritual life task to gradually awaken within the
dream. At this point, we will be fully spiritually aware, seeing
things as they really are and not with distorted perceptions.
Then, if we participate in this world of forms and shadows, it
will be through conscious choice; a full awareness that make our
best present efforts resemble deepest slumber.

But what is the purpose of this complex interwoven dance we call
life? Why did we manifest in this manner? The stories of esoteric
spiritual teachings can help here. For example, the Garden of
Eden story teaches that through tasting the apple of the
knowledge of Good and Evil, we lost sight of the Divine
Consciousness, and were sent into exile from true reality into
this world of dreams.

What is the symbolic significance of the apple of the knowledge
of Good and Evil? It represents the choice to live through
misperception, and to view life from the standpoint of Duality
and Division; Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Life and Death,
etc. Instead of participating in Unity consciousness, we choose
Duality and are thus exiled from the divine spiritual perspective
into this confusing world of ever moving shadows. We live in the
world of Effects, without ever seeing the world of Causes.

Division entered and this was the Fall. We divided off from the
divine part of ourselves and have ceased to even know it.
Instead, we live in the world of shadows, obsessed with duality,
and seeing no further than our senses permit. The way back is
guarded by an angel with a flaming sword, because the attainment
of eternal life is impossible as long as we remain mired in
temporal earthly things. Nothing mired in an earthly
consciousness can have any share in eternity.

At yet another level, the reality we see around us is the direct
result of our individual karma, the group karma of our race and
nation, as well as the collective karma of humanity. Life is a
huge learning arena, set into play by ourselves for ourselves in
order to stimulate our own awakening. However long it takes for
this to occur is precisely how long it WILL take for each and
every one of us.

Does this mean that the universe does not exist and is totally a
creation of our minds? From an earthly perspective, it clearly
does exist and possesses certain objective truths that we can
agree upon that can be measured. Yet, even at the earthly level,
the universe can be rightly called illusory in the sense that all
is not as it appears. It may exist but it is certainly not the
way we think it is. For example, the everyday objects we judge as
solid are mostly empty space. Our senses do perceive and make
sense of what is “out there” beyond our own bodies, but do not
define it. A map is NOT the territory. A cat, a fly, a bird and a
human may look upon the same scene and sense entirely different
realities. Which is right? In truth, all are nothing more than
interpretations of the unknowable shifting realm “out there”.

So, from an earthly perspective, the world does have many
elements of objective reality, whilst also simultaneously having
many illusory sides to it. Ultimately, we may find it is composed
of nothing at all except pure Thought and Mind. The universe is
increasingly giving this impression at present, as our scientific
techniques become ever more refined, and our instruments probe
ever deeper in search of the essence of truth.

Spiritually, it definitely does appear that we participate and
co-create in what we see around us. It is primarily our
duality-oriented vision that causes us to see only in terms of
right/wrong, good/evil, civilized/ignorant, life/death. From the
undivided perspective of pure divine consciousness, all is as it
should be. Nothing ever really dies, but merely changes state.
Indeed, death is a necessary part of life itself. Life itself
would be impossible without death. Seeing them as opposites or
antagonists is the classic example of dualistic thinking.

Your purpose then should be to work within the world system, and
the lessons it presents, in order to liberate your thinking and
achieve the consciousness that sees all things as they really
are. Deep pondering can assist this. Meditation will also break
down the barriers. A willingness to perceive people and reality
as they really are, without any judgments or dualistic notions,
will definitely speed up your awakening.

In addition, refusal to participate in unhelpful attitudes or
behavior will not only help you, but will subtly alter the fabric
of the world we are all co-creating. If you see war outside of
yourself, but do not see it in your very heart, you are truly
blind to causes. If you see it within and eradicate it, then you
make it easier to eradicate without. World change starts with
personal change, and a correct perspective on “What Is”;
willingness to change what you can and wisdom to let be what is
beyond your control. What is within you is definitely within your
power to control and master.

Copyright 2001, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

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