The Secret Agenda

Beware the secret agenda that exists in virtually any human
interaction, business or social!

It may almost be stating the obvious, but the secret agenda is a
fact of life that simply goes unheeded for most people, precisely
because it is secret. Also, it frequently takes such extremely
subtle and devious forms that it is almost invisible to anyone
who is not alert for its presence.

So what is this secret agenda?….

It varies. We will look at a few examples and you will get the
picture. The point in all of them is that for so many important
interactions in life, what appears to be the motive is not the
real motive. There is a hidden agenda. The true motive nearly
always differs from the publicly stated one.

Let’s take estate agents. It’s often said that estate agents
basically “work for the seller”, i.e. have primarily the seller’s
best interests in mind. However, this is not always so. In all
cases, they work for themselves and have their own interests
foremost. In some instances this can actually conflict with those
of the seller, and favor the buyer!

On two separate occasions, when I was selling property, I seemed
to find that there were estate agents who were pricing the
property lower than I thought was correct. In both instances, it
turns out that I was right. But why on earth would they do that?
After all, are they not also reducing their own commission on the
sale? Surely – and this is what we are all led to believe – they
want the property to sell for the highest price possible, so that
they make the most profit?

Not necessarily so. Here is where the secret agenda comes in.

You see, for the property to sell at its fair value, particularly
in a slow market, it’s going to involve the agent in a LOT more
work, in terms of showing the property, paying to advertise it
properly, keeping it on their books for longer, and so on. And
what do they get for this?…

Typically, an estate agent earns around 2-3% per sale. Hence for
every 100,000 dollars in price, they earn 2,000 to 3,000 dollars.
So, let’s say a property is selling for 500,000 dollars. Their
commission at 3% will be 15,000 dollars. But what if the market
is slow, there aren’t many buyers, and the property may take 6
months or more to sell at that correct price?

How about if you sell a 500,000 dollar property at 400,000
dollars instead? How much does the agent lose on his commission?
The answer is 3,000 dollars. However, weigh this against the fact
that at a huge 20% discount, he may be able to sell that property
in days or weeks, instead of 6-12 months. Consider the savings in
time, effort, money, and advertising that this would involve.

For a measly loss of $3,000, you’ve taken the lion’s share of
your profit, i.e. 80% of it, and sold it in an extremely short
time, and now have your agents, your advertising budget, your
window space and everything else, available for the NEXT
property! And you can do the same there too!

Now, they won’t tell you this because that’s their secret agenda.
It happens ALL the time; not with ALL agents, but with a lot of

The last time I sold a property, an agent told me I should put it
on the market for 100,000. I eventually sold it with another
agent for 105,000 – i.e. 5,000 more than the first agent advised
me to BEGIN at! And that’s only because I began with the second
agent at a price of 120,000! So, can you imagine what it would
have sold for with the first agent, if we had started at 100,000?

Oh, and did I forget to mention… he already had a seller lined
up for this, and that seller had seen a property of similar size
to mine (but MUCH worse condition) sell for 85,000?!

Another example of the secret agenda…

Have you ever bought into some sort of coaching course, where you
pay someone a monthly/annual fee to learn to do something? There
are many such coaching courses out there, where the secret agenda
is not the overt coaching course, but quietly selling you on that
person’s higher priced professional services, where He/She does
it all for you.

You see, overtly you are being sold on being taught how to do
this thing yourself, whatever it might be. However, you may find
that no matter what you do, the feedback on your work is always
pretty negative. You do this wrong. It should have been that way.
And so on.

The idea is to show you how difficult this task is, and how long
it will take you to get even half good at it. So why bother? Why
not just hire the person teaching you, and have him/her do it for
you (for BIG bucks)?

A lot of people don’t want to be taught how to fish. They just
want the fish! In other words, they just want to have the end
result, NOT be taught how to do it (even though overtly, they may
think they do). But it’s simply too blatant to approach the
prospect like that. So, you come first with your consultancy or
coaching service, make the initial contact that way, demonstrate
clearly to the client that he/she is basically hopeless at it,
AND demonstrate your own expertise at the same time, and then
they hire you for big money to do it all for them!

Probably, the biggest secret agenda of all is the government, and
it frankly does not matter where in the world you live. It’s
a huge topic, and too much to get into here. But in brief, we can
consider several aspects of this ugly story…

Most people look on their governments as essentially benign,
caring and good – genuinely concerned for the welfare of its
citizens. Indeed, many people who enter politics and achieve
office probably believe it too. But the system as a whole does
not function that way at all.

A more accurate view might be that of a sheep farm!

We are the sheep producing the wool, and the government is the
sheep farmer – periodically coming along and shearing us. We
produce, and he shears. And as long as that relationship is
understood and followed obediently, then all will go well for us.
Heck, we might even get some benefits back now and again for all
the wool we’re giving away. And in a cynical sort of way, the
farmer does “care” about us, but only so long as we continue to
produce the wool and hand it over without resistance.

But if you ever doubt that relationship and try to alter it,
beware! Your friendly jolly-faced farmer will suddenly turn into
a snarling, raging madman – ready and willing to do actual
physical and mental violence to you! If you doubt it, you need
only try it out, and you will see in no short order how true this

The government’s main interest is in perpetuating itself, and its
power, in increasing its wealth and influence, domestically and
internationally, and keeping its sheep just happy enough that
they continue to produce the wool without question for them to
get their greedy hands on.

The secret agenda is much bigger than this. The reason why
some people, probably unfairly, accuse the US government of
direct complicity in the 9/11 attack, is because it so
perfectly enabled them to proceed full speed with an agenda that
they had been itching – indeed, sweating blood – to implement for
many years, but had lacked the opportunity, the motive, and the
justification to do prior to that terrible day.

Hence, when the opportunity was presented, they could safely
unveil all their prior plans for curbing privacy and restricting
freedom (and they could even institute witchhunts as an
unexpected bonus) – all under the guise of safeguarding the
people against Terrorism; all with the blessing of the majority
of the “sheep”.

The US government in particular, closely followed by the UK
government, are always seeking ways to restrict the freedom and
empowerment of their own citizens. Most of the time this is all
about tax, since the US government is essentially bankrupt (but
they don’t want anyone to know this, or it would lead to both
national and worldwide economic collapse), and they are always
concerned with the increasing amounts of money that is finding
its way into offshore investments. Money they regard as THEIRS!
(Note to US readers: US citizens are the ONLY people in the world
who are taxable on their worldwide income, EVEN IF they are not
resident in the USA, and have not been for decades. That’s why
most Americans regard the term “offshore” or “tax haven” as
somehow illegal. For them, it basically IS).

Recent events have enabled international governments, led by the
US, to clamp down on offshore tax services, overtly to counter
terrorism. But the fact is that they had been burning to do this
for years anyway. Now, they have the perfect excuse. And anyone
who opposes them in this, or anything else they have been doing
of late, can be safely labelled “liberal” or “unpatriotic”.

But the secret agenda goes wide than this. Many people
justifiably claim that the last Gulf War was all about Oil. Blair
and Bush scoff at the notion dismissively. But the plain facts
present another picture…

If YOU are the head of an oil-guzzling nation like the US, and
you know that the oil is mostly in the hands of people somewhere
in the Middle East, who don’t share your religion, your culture,
your language, or much of anything else, and they are often not
very well disposed towards your country either, PLUS these people
control the price of that precious life blood…

What would you do?…

Add to this the fact that you also know that your citizens are
facing a looming and terrifying energy crisis, and that all
available reserves of that precious commodity, outside of the
Middle East, will essentially be dry within twenty years, thereby
leading to certain social and economic collapse… again, what
would YOU do?

Might it not make even a teeny bit of sense to establish a
presence, at the first possible excuse, in that region where all
that lovely oil lies? Make some friends there,… create a
presence there,… and exert a bit of influence every now and
again, perhaps? And it would certainly not hurt to have a base
there for the future, just in case anyone else in the region
started supporting your enemies, would it not?

Whatever may be said for the merits of democracy, the plain facts
are that it is easier to do business with, and exert pressure
upon, a democracy than it is a dictator.

That’s another aspect of the secret agenda. Although governments
may talk about “freedom” and “democracy”, this is really the
public face of the policy. This is the part that gets YOU, the
public, to identify with the plight of the poor people concerned,
and elicits your continued support to follow the REAL agenda.
Democracies are simply better for business, better to trade with,
AND MUCH easier to control and push around at the UN.

So yes, the war was all about oil. Go in, create a puppet
government that’s compliant and easy to deal with, exert some
major influence, and basically never completely leave the region
ever again.

Actually, there may be many reasonable justifications for it,
i.e. safeguarding the future for our children etc. But to claim
that the Gulf War was not about Oil is just plain FALSE. But how
could they admit it? What would the Arab nations make of the West
essentially invading a Muslim neighbor to secure its OWN

That is the secret agenda in this instance.

If you doubt it, ask yourself why nobody wants to declare war on
China regarding their occupation of Tibet and merciless
repression of the people there? Why are we signing trade
agreements with China instead?

Why? Because the objective is already achieved – namely trade and
mutual enrichment. Why is nobody liberating the Burmese people
from one of the most brutal dictatorships ever – a dictatorship
that annulled an official election and put the winning
democratically elected party into chains? After all, we went into
Iraq to promote “Freedom” and “Democracy”, did we not?

Here’s the answer. Does Burma have any oil? Is there ANYTHING to
be gained from doing it… APART from the freedom of the

I have labored the political point at length, NOT to point the
finger at the US government or any other, but because this
discussion makes the secret agenda we have been looking at
VERY clear indeed. Governments are FULL of secret agendas.

The reason Hollywood loves making conspiracy theory films about
government cover ups is because there is a huge element of truth
to it. Governments are nothing, if not steeped in secret agendas
and filled with “plausible deniability”.

A study of history will reveal to you many disgusting facts,
about the American government, the British government, and just
about every ruling power throughout the history of the world. The
religious institutions, e.g. the Church, don’t come out any
cleaner either. What they say, is not always what they mean or
what they do. The secret agenda is behind everything.

In summary, whether it be estate agents or the secrets
machinations of governments, nothing is what it seems when it
comes to interacting with others. This is true in ALL your
interactions. You should look to see if there might be a secret
agenda. In every important life situation, you can ask yourself:
what does he/she/they REALLY want?

Does someone want to marry you, lend you money, move into a house
with you? Is the apparent reason the REAL one? Think a bit harder
before you commit your life, your money, or your resources to

Is this cynicism? Not really. Better to ask some searching
questions first, than spend a lifetime regretting it. Discovering
the secret agenda can mean the difference between selling your
house for a song vs. its fair price.

It might even save your life one day.

Asoka Selvarajah is a writer on personal growth and spirituality,
and the author of “The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher
Self”. His work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their
understanding of mystical truth, and discover their soul’s purpose.
Learn more about his work

About Asoka Selvarajah

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is a writer and teacher of personal growth and spirituality, and the author of numerous books and courses. His work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and discover their soul’s purpose. Subscribe to the Aspire To Wisdom list to receive more articles and resources to your inbox.

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  1. Hi, I totally agree with you re the governments hidden agenda. I would like to say that you can throw our Prime Minister John Howard in with Blair & Bush, he`s in there with Bush so far you can barely see his shoelaces.
    The interesting factor that I would like to point out is did anyone else notice that Australia, UK & US all had our elections within one to two months of each other and they all got re-elected. So in this so called democratic society, how honest is the voting system, like the way Bush got in in the first place with a so called mishap in the voting system.
    And the scariest thought is how many gullible people out there. We are the ones with all the power, if enough people become aware, we will not have to play there games. So keep putting it out there, enough people will get it someday.
    Denise Jones Australia

  2. Hi,

    Just wamted to comment on your Irag for Oil statement. The real reason for the Iraq war was because Iraq had started selling oil for euros, not dollars. This was the first time in 50 years that oil was not sold for dollars. If lots of oil is not sold for dollars the US economy will collapse because dollars will drop in value. Immediately after the war, when Bush stated the aims had been accomplished he was referring to the fact that Iraqi oil was now again available only for US dollars. Recently Iran has started selling oil for euros… and Russia has announced an intention to do the same thing this year for roubles…

  3. Dear A.S.

    I’ve been getting email from you for many years, so long that I don’t remember how I found you, but I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy your writings. There are few who have the ability to write cogently on both spirit and mundane (such as politics) topics. Please continue to challenge me with your thoughts.

    Love and peace,

    PS Anyone else think there was extraterrestial species involvement in 9/11? (Now THAT’S a secret agenda…)

  4. i think “The Secret Agenda” report was very educational, there was some really good truth to it.There’s just one thing, when you told us of the “Secret Agenda” it would of being very helpful to learn how people think like that and plan it you so to learn our own minds to be able to read into things to see if there’s any agenda behind it or even resourse of were to learn it. Other then that i hope you keep up you work and one thing everything you said was true. Bye and God Bless.
    Yours Sencerely
    From Dublin, Ireland

  5. Hello Asoka,

    A well written article indeed.

    I always look forward to receiving your ezines and I’d like to thank you for continuing to inspire me!

    Best wishes,


  6. Hi Asoka,
    Regarding the hidden agenda. Very good to bring the
    attention to it. It is everywhere, and we are so easily fooled when
    we ourselves don´t have any hidden agendas.
    The world is indeed a dangerous place to maneuver around in.
    Meditation becomes more and more important to get our
    priorities right.
    Thanks again for your outspokenness,

  7. Asoka, you are very right in doing your article on secret agendas, and I applaud you indeed.

  8. Dear A.S.,
    I have been receiving your ezines for some years. To be frank with you, whenever I feel that I really need Spiritual Guidance at a particular time, things will happen in such a way that I would open your ezine and would be thrilled to find the exact message there. This has happened many times. God bless you. Continue your service to uplift the souls like me to Higher level.
    Thanking you.

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