The Only Certainty In Life

The only certainty in life is Change.

The only absolute certainty in life is Change.

Each of us faces it, for good or ill.

When you are young, an infinite vista seems to stretch ahead. As you age, that vista becomes increasingly less infinite. When you are old, events more so fast towards a close with bewildering rapidity that is really quite shocking.

We should not be too surprised by change, although we invariably are. People grow old and die. So do pets. People are made redundant. War breaks out in a previous haven of peace. Bad people get elected. Some people get rich and its unfair. Other people get poor and that’s unfair too.

The wheel turns on and on…

Happiness gives way to sadness which gives way to happiness again.

Buddhists speak of Samsara – the endless realm of illusion, and suffering. Yes, we may experience tremendous moments of genuine happiness. However, it is always contrasted with the underlying realities of our own mortality and the uncertainty of our condition.

We grow attached to something or someone, and that is taken away forever, leaving us to cope. We experience some great fortune in life, but after a while, it seems quite mundane, and the joy of it has expired.

True joy and happiness lies within, unaffected by externals nor by the vicissitudes of our lives or of those around us. The only real power we have is to examine and master the inner environment.

This is done through deep spiritual and personal development practices. It is done through self-observation. It is also done by noting the events of ours lives and seeking to understand the symbolism and hidden meanings behind the events that take place.

There is nothing random about our lives. Events may seem that way, but there is a design behind them. For those who seek and are open, the meaning may reveal itself later. For those who are not, it will not.

Change is inevitable. What is surprising is that we think it is not, or can be held back or controlled in some way. Maybe, for a time, that could be true. However, you cannot build a wall against Samsara built from the materials of Samsara itself. A very great Being taught me that very recently. It was a very painful lesson to learn.

In all, your responsibility to yourself and others is to develop Your Inner Greatness, and all that this implies; to be the fullest person you can be; the most empowered, the wisest, the most self-actualized. In that way, when change comes, or even tragedy, you possess the tools to understand and cope. You achieve a level of transcendence over the everyday mundane. You are able to say to yourself, “This too shall pass” and really mean it.

Although you too shall change, the place of Mastery lies within, not without. The deepest spiritual essence never changes. Place your attention there, seek the kingdom within first, and all other things shall be added in good time.

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Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is a writer and teacher of personal growth and spirituality, and the author of numerous books and courses. His work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and discover their soul’s purpose. Subscribe to the Aspire To Wisdom list to receive more articles and resources to your inbox.

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  1. Many thanks Mr Selvarajah for this wonderful write up, So true and as usual so enlightening!

    Keep well.

  2. Change happens, like it or not. We can change for the better if we look at life from a spiritual perspective.

    Divine Love is constant and never ending, unlike ups and downs of loves in daily lives. Divine Truth does not change as some apparent truths in this life do. Divine Reality is eternal; too many mundane realities seem to be replaced just as we grow accustomed to them.

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