The Hidden Power Within You

There is within you a power that, if awakened and harnessed,
would unfailingly create almost anything you can dream of. That
force is the infinite power of your Mind, and the power of
manifested THOUGHT.

Your Mind, and the way you use it, is the single factor that can
cause you to wallow in the masses of the boringly average, or
rise to levels of success undreamed of.

The world’s most successful people began, for the most part,
with no special advantages over you. Most were of average
intelligence, not particularly attractive, and did not even begin
wealthy or well connected. It is primarily through the use of
mind and thought that they achieved everything that they are
known for.

The point is that in almost all cases, people who succeed
greatly have no special advantages over you or I. They are NORMAL
people. The one thing that they have learned to do, and do
supremely well, is to concentrate their thoughts and discipline
their minds.

They have developed the capacity to visualize their chosen dream
clearly, and set sail for it; never swerving, and never using
the words “impossible”, “try” or even “if only”. There is no
self-doubt; only a totally “unreasonable” commitment to their

We live in a universe that basically IS Thought. Mind is present
throughout the universe at all levels, and it is present in you.
In that sense, you are made in the image of God. You are a
creator, just as the Divine is. If only you knew it!….

If you could just master the single idea that your mind and your
thoughts create EVERYTHING you experience in your life, and apply
that notion consistently to discipline your mind and bring it
under your control, then your world would change fast and
furiously for the better. Your dreams would manifest, and do so

Sadly, taking control of the mind and its thoughts is the biggest
challenge in a world filled with distractions. Most people fall
at this hurdle. TV, X-box, movies, sex, vacations, hanging out
with pals, the bar, or whatever. The list is endless.

We are amazingly loose with our time, as if we live forever. We
squander our mental discipline, as if we can always get started
at some later date. However, what you focus upon expands. Hence,
lack of discipline just leads to more of the same. Before you
know it, things go out of control and life becomes an
ill-disciplined disaster.

You CAN begin to make dramatic change in your life. Yes, starting

The starting point is taking control of your mind and focusing
your thoughts to a laser-beam precision. Use your thoughts
consistently to take you in the direction of your dreams.

This will take considerable practice to begin with. Most people
have never tried to do it. Hence, it is strange and foreign
initially. However, with diligent effort, anything is possible.

Begin to take stock of your life. What is distracting your mind
and your thoughts? What keeps you away from making massive
progress? What IS it going to take for you to learn how to master
your mind? Take the time to ponder questions like these, and
develop a determination to get some answers and make some
changes; small at first, but larger as time goes on.

Everything has a price. You will have to get serious. It could
mean that you give up some time-wasting relationship or habits
that keep you mentally dissipated. Cutting down on TV-gazing
would be a great start for most people!

Here are some possible exercises to help develop your mental

1) Light a candle in a dark room and just stare at the candle
flame for 10-15 minutes each day. Keep your mind on the flame and
think of nothing else. When your mind wanders, bring it back.
This exercise should be very revealing!

2) Create affirmations to strengthen your Mind Power. You could
write statements like “My mental focus becomes clearer and more
powerful each and every day”. Or, “My mind and my thoughts are
increasingly focused upon the good, and beneficial, and the
joyous; both for myself and all whom I come into contact with”.

Develop the ones that make sense for YOU and YOUR life goals.
Repeat them often. Write them on cards and carry the cards around
to look at several times a day.

3) Study great teachers of Mental Science. Try the works of
Thomas Troward, Joseph Murphy, Vernon Howard, Bob Proctor and
others. Make copious notes and ponder what they teach.

4) Think on paper. Brainstorm ideas. Write out your ideal future
life. Begin to make plans to get there. Set goals. The greatest
success throughout history thought on paper!

5) Learn to do ONE THING at a time and see it to completion. This
is an exercise in focused concentration itself, what with all the
distractions we have available. A major secret to success is to

In short, there is a world of opportunity awaiting you if you can
simply master your own mind and your own thoughts. It is THE
one differentiating factor between people who are average, and
those who succeed tremendously. Mental focus creates your “luck”!
You literally begin to attract “lucky” circumstances into your

You too can be anything you wish to be and achieve anything you
wish to achieve, provided you can believe it is possible and make
it your grand obsession.

As Earl Nightingale said, “You become what you think about all
the time”. So, begin to take charge of your MIND and your
THOUGHTS, and direct them in beneficial ways, to what you dream

Copyright Asoka Selvarajah 2004. All Rights Reserved.


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