The Conspiracy Of Terror

“…if we look upon Evil as a force to be reckoned with, and
therefore requiring to be studied, we are in effect creating it;
while if on the other hand we realize that there is only one
force to be considered, and that absolutely Good, we are by the
law of the creative process bringing that Good into

Judge Thomas Troward, “The Dore Lectures On Mental Science”

Are you afraid of a terrorist atrocity somewhere near you? Do you
think the world is a more dangerous place since 9/11?

After all, every day we see new kidnappings, videos of masked
men standing over hostages with a timeline for execution,
horrific bomb incidents across the planet, and more. The world
seems to be a darker place, and our governments struggle
heroically on our behalf to combat this seemingly endless menace.

But is all this really so? Is this the objective truth?

If you think about this a bit more, you might see it a different
way. Just ask yourself a couple of questions:

(1) After all of the government initiatives against terrorists
across the world in recent years, including a couple of major
wars, are terrorist organizations stronger or weaker since 9/11?

Answer (a) Stronger, (b) Weaker

(2) Is the general level of fear about terrorists and terrorism
higher or lower since 9/11?

Answer (a) Higher, (b) Lower

For most people, their answers to these two questions will
present something of a paradox. They would agree that terrorist
organizations MUST logically be (b), weaker after 9/11. After
all, consider the billions of dollars and countless hours of
manpower committed to anti-terrorism since that date. Yet, their
level of fear of terrorists is nevertheless (a) HIGHER! How can
this possibly be?! It defies logic….

Perhaps before 9/11, we were blissfully unaware of the danger,
and after it, we are better acquainted with the truth? Maybe.
However, another argument presents itself…

Terrorism is a collaborative effort. It does not just come from
so-called “terrorists”. That is just the first part of the
equation. For you to end up being terrified, there is a specific
process involved. It goes something like this:

(a) Some form of highly negative act is committed. This may be a
kidnapping and subsequent execution, a terrorist bomb, and so on.

(b) Permission has to be given by someone for that information to
be broadcast to the world through the media.

(c) The media must choose to broadcast the information and then
do so, giving to the bare facts whatever interpretation they

(d) A feeling of “escalation” must exist, i.e. that the situation
is out of control, directly threatens your life, and requires
immediate urgent action.

(e) You have to choose to focus on what the media and government
are reporting and believe it is accurate true reporting.

(f) Having chosen to engage in (e), you have to absorb yourself
in these events to the point where it adversely affects your
emotions, thoughts, and mental state. You must ALLOW yourself to
be terrorized. It does not just happen. It’s a choice.

If any one of these steps is missing, there is no “terrorism”
because nobody is terrified! So, let us examine some of these
steps in order to understand what is really going on.

Looking at step (a), we must also acknowledge that many other
negative acts occur in the world that do not slightly bother us.
There may be a serial killer in the jungles of Borneo, killing
off tribesmen on a daily basis. Does it bother you? No. Why?
Because it’s happening in some country you don’t care about, and
you don’t know about it anyhow. OK. So why would terrorist acts
in Iraq – a country you will almost certainly never visit in your
entire life – bother you so much? Indeed, why are they even being
reported to you so constantly on a daily basis? Good question…

With step (b), we come closer to the truth. The dissemination of
this frightening information serves the purposes of “somebody”,
or else it would not be released at all. It would not be ALLOWED
to be released. Here is a classic example of such a news freeze.

After all the hype about the search for Saddam Hussein, what did
he have to say for himself after his capture? The answer seems to
be… nothing. We were shown some cynically crafted shots, taken
in unguarded moments when he was unaware of what the footage
would be used for, and specifically designed to humiliate him in
the eyes of the world. Yet, beyond that, nothing. Not a single
word or image!

Why? Was nobody in the world interested in what he might be
saying or doing? Not at all. Public interest was very high
indeed, thanks to the media frenzy about the hunt for Saddam.
So what suddenly happened to the news flow, when he WAS captured?

The answer is, government intervention. That’s what happened.

You saw and heard nothing about Saddam because it did NOT serve
the US government’s interests for you to know what he might be
saying. The reason was that he might say things that would
embarrass them severely (perhaps regarding his previous amiable
dealings with them in the 1970’s during the Iran/Iraq war);
embarrass them because it might just be TRUE!

Contrarily, you see carefully controlled images of the menace of
terrorism because it DOES serve the governments’ interests to
show these. Hence, the media are allowed to do so.

When the media broadcast these events, they are making a
deliberate choice as to how to fill a given time slot. There are
many other equally valid things they could be showing you in that
time. Believe it or not, there are MANY GOOD THINGS happening in
the world, RIGHT NOW! Amazing, scarcely believable, but true.

However, the media instead focuses on, and incessantly analyzes,
highly negative unhelpful events. They give the impression that
the menace is constant, the world is a terribly unsafe place,
that we are in constant mounting danger, and must depend upon
our caring, heroic governments for our long-term survival. This
promotes the feeling of “escalation” that we discussed in step 4.

What if the media chose NOT to broadcast the home-made videos of
masked gunmen standing over helpless hostages, dictating their
demands and giving their deadlines? Could terrorism even continue
to EXIST if it received almost no media attention? Why do we say
we will not negotiate with terrorists to save hostage lives, but
we WILL televise every terrifying home movie they ever make? In
the former instance, we swear blind NOT to further their cause,
and in the latter we do so without the slightest hesitation.

It happens because it serves “someone’s” private purposes for
manipulation of the masses. That “someone” is your government. If
it did not serve them, you would not (1) see these terror images,
(2) remain on a constant state of alert, or (3) even hear about
these events (e.g. the post-capture Saddam 6-month silence).
There would be no state of terror in the world.

In other words, a state of terror exists in the world because
your government WANTS IT TO EXIST (however much they claim they

Finally, step (f): for a state of terror to exist, you must
choose to be believe the truth of what the media says and allow
it to agitate your peace of mind. You must believe in imminent
danger, even if it does not actually exist. In the US in recent
years, there have been constant states of “red alert” and “yellow
alert”. People are being put constantly on edge and the fear
grows each day. Yet, did anything actually HAPPEN since 9/11?

The answer is, no. So, if the security services are doing their
job properly (which is what you are supposedly paying them to do,
and which they definitely did NOT do on the day of 9/11), why
don’t they just get on with it? Why should YOU be constantly
agitated by all these red and yellow alerts?

In the US, there are now plans afoot to introduce MORE levels of
alerts, i.e. different alerts for different areas of security
threat (e.g. airports, power stations, whatever) In Britain, the
goovernment have just released a booklet to 25 million homes,
detailing what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

What purpose can all this possibly serve? Or could it be that the
hidden purpose of keeping the population on edge is precisely to
engender MORE fear, not less? Perhaps again, we see an example of
it serving “someone’s” purposes to keep you in a state of terror.

Here is what metaphysician Thomas Troward had so say about this
sort of thing nearly a century ago:

“…the fallacy that good is limited by evil, and that you cannot
receive any good except through eliminating the corresponding
evil by realizing it and beating it back. In this view, life
becomes a continual combat against every imaginable form of evil,
and after we have racked our brains to devise precautions against
all possible evil happenings, there remains the chance, and much
more than the chance, that we have by no means exhausted the
category of negative possibilities, and that others may arise
that no amount of foresight on our part could have imagined. The
more we see into this position the more intolerable it becomes,
because from this standpoint we can never attain any certain
basis of action, and the sources of possible evil multiply as we
contemplate them. To set forth to outwit all evil by our
knowledge of its nature is to attempt a task the hopelessness of
which becomes apparent when we see it in its true light”

Judge Thomas Troward, “The Dore Lectures On Mental Science.

So much for the “war on terrorism”. Can you now see the folly of
this venture?

In esoteric teaching, we are told that “what you focus upon
EXPANDS”. That is the whole basis of the science of success
elucidated by Napoleon Hill and others. We also learn that there
are only two forces at work (in truth, just one, since the second
is merely the absence of the first): Love and Fear. If you choose
to focus your efforts on Fear, it will GROW and its causes will

So, “terrorism” is not nearly so simple a concept as it seemed at
first. The “terrorists” are only one active factor in the
equation. You play a passive part in the process, through your
willingness to be conned and terrorized, and your government
plays an extremely active and highly culpable part.

So why would your government – supposedly your friend – do this
to you? Well, the sad fact is that they are NOT your friends and
never have been, but that is a subject far too large for this
article. However, this trick of terrorizing the masses with a
continual stream of brainwashing propaganda is as old as the
hills. In Stalinist Russia, they had their “capitalist wreckers”
and in Maoist China “Western Imperialists”; all supposedly
working to undermine the State and the happiness of the people.
It all serves to create an atmosphere of subservience, dependence
and unquestioned compliance to the aims of the government.

This is the hidden agenda behind the “war on terrorism”. It has
more to do with ultimately limiting your freedoms, tagging and
bagging every citizen, tracking every cent of YOUR money so that
it eventually ends up in the right place (i.e. the governments’
sweaty hands, rather than somewhere offshore etc.) than it ever
has to do with your freedom and your safety. Before you know it,
you are walking around in an open prison, “free” to agree with
everything the government tells you to say and do.

America is now effectively a police state, and it will become
ever more so as the years go by; all for your own safety, of
course. Whether consciously or unconsciously, structures are
being set in place for a totalitarian dictatorship, which can
declare indefinite martial law and engage in the very same
excesses we have seen throughout history, all for the
“protection” of its citizens. We may soon see neighbors and
foreigners being denounced as spies or terrorist sympathizers,
and government initiatives encouraging you to do this very thing.

All this will could happen within the next 20-25 years unless the
poisonous ideology that has been set in motion within the last 3
years in the US is firmly uprooted and hurled forcibly into the
depths of outer space, never to return. Happily, there are
many voices of sanity in America today, who are determined to
achieve this object, while it is still possible, and while the
structures of democracy remain largely intact to be able to do
so. Hence, there is cause for much optimism and NOT fear.

However, having read this far, please never let yourself be
confused or conned about the realities of terrorism. Hopefully,
you have now caught a glimpse of the self-serving motives behind
the daily media force-feed of Terror & Fear. The committers of
terroist acts are just a small part of the total equation of
Fear. If they received no publicity, terrorist acts against the
innocent would almost certainly )be decimated worldwide.

Always remember: it serves someone’s purposes. That is all you
need to know to break free of the cycle of mental terror
paralysis that they seek to impose upon you.

The world is a wonderful place. It is no more or less dangerous
today than it was before 9/11. Anybody who tells you different is
deceiving you for their own self-serving purposes. The facts
simply do not bear out all this negativity and fear. You do NOT
have to be terrified, in order to unwittingly serve someone
else’s private agenda for you.

You can just choose to live in the world, accept it as it is, and
just BE.

Copyright Asoka Selvarajah 2005. All Rights Reserved.

You have permission to reproduce this article in your ezine, website or offline publication as long as you do so in its entirety, and include both the copyright notice and the resource box at the bottom.

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  1. At last an article that speaks the truth – what a ‘breath of freshair’. The governments around the WORLD should receive this article as an email marked URGENT. YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT NOT ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME. I think I know who said this statement – whether he was great or not – think about it. Surely enmass emails could be sent to governments and the many tiers of governments or secret societies above them who are also implementing the FEAR that abounds in our world today. I have done it to our Prime Minister so get the ripple effect going and then we can all relax and enjoy our world that GOD gave us to take care of, also to love, and care for each other with understanding and respect.

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