The Buddhist Metta Meditation For Inner Peace And Happiness

One of the most powerful and transforming meditations in Buddhism
is the Metta meditation, also known as the Loving Kindness

If you practice this meditation regularly, it will fill your
heart with Love and Compassion, both for yourself and for other
people. It is very simple, and yet extremely powerful. Moreover,
it is a meditation you can do whilst formally seated for
meditation, or at any point throughout the day, in the midst of
the daily rush.

The Metta meditation consists of four statements:

May I be free from danger.
May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I live with Ease.

Find a peaceful place, make yourself comfortable, close your
eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Then simply recite these
sentences to yourself several times.

The truth is that you cannot give much of Love and Compassion to
others if you have none for yourself first. Hence, this
meditation helps you to develop this. It will help you overcome
low self-esteem issues, build self-confidence, and help you to
gain the inner peace that you may often feel is lacking.

However, the full form of the Metta meditation involves applying
these good wishes to benefit other people as well. I shall cover
this further in future posts to this blog.

Needless, to say, these statements are also affirmations. Hence,
you can use them as such throughout your day, wherever you are.
You can also write them out and review them. If you are on a
computer, you can easily set it up to display these affirmation
statements to you repeatedly and subliminally.

Either way, use the Metta meditation regularly and it will have
enormous benefits in your life. Use it often!

Asoka Selvarajah

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