The Alphabet Versus The Goddess, by Leonard Schlain

Author Leonard Shlain pondered the question of why the ancient reverence for the goddess traditions died out, and the high role of women in society declined. He observed that these events coincided exactly with the era in which mankind was developing the skills of reading and writing.

Could it be that the adoption of these strongly left-brain activities fundamentally altered the structure of the way we think; emphasizing left-brain modes of thought over right-brain ones? If so, we have gained the present benefits of civilization at the expense of the emphasis on imagery, and the role of the female in both a literal and symbolic sense.

The result is a fascinating and thought-provoking book that will challenge your assumptions about the basic structure of our culture. The chapters examines the book’s theme in the contexts of Yin/Yang, Islam, Birth & Death, Ancient Greek Mythology, Christianity, Sorcery Vs. Science and much more. Frankly, I found myself highlighting sections on almost every single page.

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess is very profound, very insightful, and highly recommended!



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