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The 3 keys to Your Life Success

I just came across this excellent section in Stuart Goldsmith ‘s

The 7 Secrets of The Millionaires

I thought I share it with you…

“Now the correct order (the key to success if you like) is as

1 Dream
2 Break your dreams down into bite sized chunks.
3 Set weekly, monthly, yearly goals which move you inexorably
closer to your dreams.

I’m talking here about big life-planning goals. There is a very
real place for smaller goals of the ‘trim the hedge, paint the
workshop, read up on Roman history’ variety, but these goals are
not the topic of this book. We’re talking here about eh secrets
of the millionaires – The entrepreneurs who have made their

As Robert L. Schwartz so aptly stated, ‘The entrepreneur is
essentially a visualizer and actualizer… He can visualize it
and when he visualizes it, he sees exactly how to make it

Your big dreams and projects are just too complicated for you to
keep in your mind and retain as a coherent whole. If you do not
break your dream down into achievablew steps, it will remain
exactly that – a dream – a fantasy which you keep repeating but
never take any action to make it happen”

This is so true. If you have been putting your dream project on
hold for ages, maybe this is the inspiration you need to get
serious about putting it into action, starting TODAY?

Of course, this is just one tiny excerpt from a huge amount of
practical wisdom from a man who knows what he is talking about –
because he has done it (starting from scratch. you can get the
complete book, and much more, right here….

The 7 Secrets of The Millionaires

The real key to success is Clarity. Without that, and with just a
hazy vision of what you really want from life, you will never
really achieve anything. The universe can only give you what you
want if you are CLEAR about it, and affirm that vision regularly.


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