The 10X Rule For Life Success

All too often we think too small…

Do you give 100% to life? Or do you save most of it for a rainy day?

Small goals. Small expectations. Small results.

Author and entrepreneur Grant Cordone talks about the 10X Rule. Whatever goal you set, you are almost certainly going to have to do and endure ten times more than you expect – work, setbacks, everything. He even talks about setting goals that are 10X the ones you originally thought of!

In this line of thinking, most people are doing what they think is needed to achieve the goal at hand, and yet they are grossly underestimating the truth! Your life probably tells the truth of this in at least some area. You almost certainly needed to have done ten times as much.

I recall that when I was applying for a job in the City back in the mid-1980s, I sent out not dozens of applications, but many hundreds! Sometimes, I was applying to places when the rejection letter was crossing in the post from the previous attempt!

You often hear of people setting small goals and dreams so that they won’t be disappointed. Often, you hear personal growth teachers telling you to make your goals “realistic.”

That is all very nice. However, what happens if you do that and fall short anyway? Are you going to make the goal even more “realistic” i.e. smaller? Remember, it probably takes ten times what you think it does in all directions to achieve any  goal!

The trouble is that small goals and dreams do not really motivate. They do not lead to much action and instead inspire defeatism, lack of will, and hopelessness when they fail. You may think you are being realistic but maybe you are really cheating yourself; selling yourself short.

We’re not merely talking about worldly goals in this context. After all, isn’t the quest for Enlightenment the biggest goal anybody could possibly have? Really, who ever sets out to be just 5% enlightened?…

As Grant Cordone intriguingly points out, it takes just as much effort to make $10,000 as it does to make $10,000,000. Most of us will never get to assent to that, but you know it has to be true. Think of the billionaires and you know they cannot possibly be a billion times smarter than you are, nor put in a billion times more effort than you do.

Michelangelo once stated that if people only knew how hard he works, they would not think him such a genius! Isn’t that an interesting statement? Is it not also a confirmation of the principle that we are talking about? Huge results require huge amounts of action, dedication, and hard work over sustained periods of time.

However, to do that, we cannot allow ourselves to lose heart. When we fail too many times, there is a natural tendency to nurse the wounds privately, think ourselves less than others, say harsh things about ourselves to ourselves, and basically give up. Have you ever been there? I know I have.

So, anyway, ponder all this and ask yourself what you want to bring to the world. What special something do you have (or could have), or would like to develop that would be the answer to your dreams and a blessing to others?

If it helps, as I know it must, I have put together an excellent guide called Your Inner Greatness, packed with tips and strategies for bringing out the very best in yourself. It is there. It just needs a little coaxing and encouragement at times! Don’t we all?

So, give it a try and see how it works out for you. Either way, remember these concepts and challenge yourself to play bigger than you ever have before. I know you can. There is something for you to do in this world. You just have to “get over yourself” and go out and do it!

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