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Five Power Tips To Making Your First Million

I prefer being rich to poor, and I've tried both. I used to think that being a millionaire was for other people - for me it seemed just a ridiculous dream. I'm telling you this to show you that I've been exactly where you are right now. I am merely further up the mountain path than you. I am not unchaseable, indeed I invite you to overtake me! Come on up, the air is cleaner and fresher here, I can promise you that.

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Why Wealth Is Good For Your Spiritual Growth!

Spiritually oriented people, and even many secular people too, feel that the pursuit of financial wealth is a negative thing; a heart-hardening cynical process that distracts you from following the true calling of the spirit. Not only is this incorrect, but the exact opposite can actually be true. Once you understand the processes by which wealth is created, and the benefits it can provide to many people, it is possible to pursue wealth creation in a way that is entirely wholesome; benefiting you and others simultaneously.

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