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How To Write Your Goals

Within the next hour, you are going to get out of the chair and write yourself a fistful of goals. Here's how: On a single side of plain paper, write a list of ten things you would like to achieve in your life; five long term, five short term. The first goal should be something which you cannot complete in your lifetime. This makes you think carefully. It makes you realize what is important to you, and why you are here. The long-range goals stop you being frustrated by short-term setbacks.

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Thinking Alone Won’t Make You Grow Rich

There is a lot of false information being given out about positive thinking and the abundance mindset. An increasing number of people think that all they need to do is to "think positive" and visualize better in order to attract everything they desire into their lives. While this is definitely a LOT of the total solution, it is not ALL of it. The fact is that no matter how much people kick and struggle against this idea, a degree of practical real world action is nevertheless essential.

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Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

Many people never commence with their dream project because they look at how much competition there already is out there, and they become discouraged. After all, look at what a head start these others have, how advanced they are, and so on. Yet, the people who become excellent at their chosen profession are usually heavily self-referential. In other words, their standard for how well they are doing is set by themselves to begin with, and they are the ones who constantly measure their progress against this pre-defined standard.

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