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The 12 Week Year Process

This week, I began in earnest to do The 12 Week Year process. It’s an approach popularized by a book of the same title, authored by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington. I’ve had the book for several years now, and even made some attempts at following the process. However, without creating an …

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Mentors: The Fast Track To Success.

One of the key factors that successful people mention as being a prime reason for their achievements is having a mentor. It's mentioned everywhere from Napoleon Hill's book "Think & Grow rich" right through to being the very premise behind Donald Trump's successful TV series, "The Apprentice". What is a mentor? In essence, a mentor is a person who has achieved a level of success and experience in a particular field of expertise that you wish to master. From this position, he/she is powerfully positioned to help you succeed rapidly, by short-cutting the process and showing you the inside secrets to making rapid advances.

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