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Disappointment As Life Tutor

Often, disappointment serves to show us that we are not on the right road to begin with. We may be heartbroken at that moment, but time eventually reveals a better path; a road we might never have trodden if we had not been stopped so brutally in our path in the first place. People are disappointed in love; perhaps they find another. They are disappointed in career; maybe they find a better opportunity in another firm, or even decide to start their own business.

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Self Help: Coping With Setbacks In Your Progress

Self help improvement is like a process of travelling a spiral, not going round in a circle (although it may feel like that at times). The spiral widens out and we become more expansive and better over time, although sometimes it may seem like we are back at exactly the same point. You have to keep faith at times that you really are improving. You may be back at the same place in some ways, but you are seeing it differently, with a new and heightened awareness. Remember that.

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Self Motivation & You

For you to believe in yourself and your ability to follow through, you have to understand how to strengthen your self-esteem. As human beings, we are imperfect. There are things other people can do that you cannot, but there are in addition many things you can offer that others cannot. You have to understand yourself and recognize your imperfections and limitations. At the same time, identify your strengths and strengthen them. Investigate your weaknesses and either circumvent or eradicate them. By doing this, you will understand how to cope with problems by trusting in yourself and your capacity to surmount them. In this manner, you will also increasingly know with a sense of definiteness, not mere wishing, that you are truly worthy of your loftiest aspirations. You will truly have faith in your abilities as well as your power to manifest them into reality.

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Law Of Attraction: What You Resist Persists

It is actually a variation on the Law Of Attraction because what you are resisting, you are putting energy into in order to resist it; via your thoughts, your emotions and feelings, and through the strategies you devise in order to resist or avoid. The Law Of Attraction principle is that what you put your attention and energy upon with emotion, you will tend to get more of in your life. Hence, far from getting rid of what you resist, it tends to only become stronger.

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Excuses! Excuses!

One of the greatest hindrances in making any progress in life, business or personal, is our lamentable habit of making excuses for ourselves! Whether it's a pain in the head, a pain in your heart, or that eternal pain in the butt (!), we almost always have a good reason - and probably several - for why we did not live up to our potential, or achieve the success that we felt we deserved. However, the sorry fact of the matter is this. Excuses are just excuses, and what was left unachieved remains unachieved. Maybe the excuses make you feel better for a while, and they help you save face in front of other people. However, in the depths of the night, when you are all by yourself and have time to ponder at leisure about all that might have been... what about then?

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