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The Positive Zero

It's an interesting fact that the concept of zero had to be invented. In fact, it was invented around 500BC by the Babylonians for largely mathematical purposes. Prior to that, there was no such concept. In fact, it's not too hard to realize why it took so long for this concept to come to us. The concept of "nothing" or "zero" is an abstraction; a mathematical concept that we need to juggle numbers, but which does not really exist as such in Nature.

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The Sacred Geometry At The Heart Of Creation

The universe exhibits a mysterious underlying order. It is interconnected at levels that are hidden from the most powerful scientific minds in existence today. Nothing is as it first appears. One of the prime examples of this is the Fibonacci numbers - a sequence that is built into all levels of creation. They crop up in many places and circùmstances. The Fibonacci numbers were discovered by the 13th century Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and written about in his great work Liber Abaci.

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Mystic Visions