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Attention & Focus: The Keys To Success Or Failure In Your Life

One thing that is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve in our modern world is focusing on what really matters to us in life and making consistent progress towards it. Multi-tasking seems to rule the day and appears ever more indispensable as the complexity of our lives increases. As we then try to do ever more within the same amount of time, things begin to unravel and it becomes ever harder to complete projects as we open more and more loops and fail to close the ones that we have already opened. Before we know it, even our most cherished projects and goals become never-ending ordeals that never quite seem to happen.

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A Study In Mystic Concentration

Concentration signifies the state of being at a centre ("con" and "centrum"). Applied to thought, it is the act of bringing the mind to a single point. Each human being must practise concentration subjectively and objectively. In other words, each human being aims with more or less precision at concentration on a point within and a point without his own world. Concentration "without" is illustrated when you devote all your attention upon Nature, such as learning a trade, a profession, a science, an art or some form of business.

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The Hidden Power Within You

There is within you a power that, if awakened and harnessed, would unfailingly create almost anything you can dream of. That force is the infinite power of your Mind, and the power of manifested THOUGHT. Your Mind, and the way you use it, is the single factor that can cause you to wallow in the masses of the boringly average, or rise to levels of success undreamed of.

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The Danger Of Thinking Too Much

Thinking forms virtually our sole basis for dealing with life. We are attached to our thoughts. We think they are who we are. Indeed, the whole of Western culture supports the mind's pre-eminence, and thought as the sole mechanism for organizing ourselves and our civilization. However, these notions do not find huge support amongst the mystical traditions. On the contrary, these ancient traditions teach methods that seek to still the mind. "Stop Thinking!" is often the injunction to the spiritual student. Why is this, if thinking has served us so well, both individually and as a society?

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The Demon Of Distraction

One of the biggest challenges you face to making progress in your life, or achieving any measure of success, is the Demon of Distraction. It truly is a demon because it seems to feed upon us, and gets ever larger and more powerful the more time we sacrifice to it. The sources of distraction are growing daily. TV, internet, email, SMS, mobile phones, news events, computer games, and much more. In fact, with so much to do and respond to, it's a wonder we get anything worthwhile done at all.

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