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Breath Is Life

Life is absolutely dependent upon the act of breathing. "Breath is Life." Differ as they may upon details of theory and terminology, the Oriental and the Occidental agree upon these fundamental principles. To breathe is to live, and without breath there is no life. Not only are the higher animals dependent upon breath for life and health, but even the lower forms of animal life must breathe to live, and plant life is likewise dependent upon the air for continued existence.

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The Buddhist Metta Meditation For Inner Peace And Happiness

One of the most powerful and transforming meditations in Buddhism is the Metta meditation, also known as the Loving Kindness Meditation. If you practice this meditation regularly, it will fill your heart with Love and Compassion, both for yourself and for other people. It is very simple, and yet extremely powerful. Moreover, it is a meditation you can do whilst formally seated for meditation, or at any point throughout the day, in the midst of the daily rush.

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Hypnosis and Spiritual Development, by Alan Tutt

Hypnosis has a strong reputation for being an excellent tools for changing habits. It is also a popular stage show activity that results in some fascinating displays of mental manipulation. Many psychologists will also use hypnosis as a means for treating mental dysfunction. And success coaches will use hypnosis for aiding in personal development. But hypnosis can be used for even greater purposes than these, including spiritual development.

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The Danger Of Thinking Too Much

Thinking forms virtually our sole basis for dealing with life. We are attached to our thoughts. We think they are who we are. Indeed, the whole of Western culture supports the mind's pre-eminence, and thought as the sole mechanism for organizing ourselves and our civilization. However, these notions do not find huge support amongst the mystical traditions. On the contrary, these ancient traditions teach methods that seek to still the mind. "Stop Thinking!" is often the injunction to the spiritual student. Why is this, if thinking has served us so well, both individually and as a society?

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