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Using The Body for Emotional Intelligence & Intuition

We start to gain access to this inner body guidance when we simply begin to develop awareness; to go within and pay attention to what our inner being is trying to tell us through the medium of the physical body. If you have never paid heed to your body and its messages to you, but simply regard it as a vehicle to get you around in life, then you are not only closed to ANY form of guidance from this direction whatsoever, but you are also at grave risk of ignoring critical messages that the body is trying to communicate to you about your physical health. Illness is most often a manifestation of inattention to the needs of your physical, mental and spiritual being. If you cannot even receive THESE critical messages, then you are definitely closed to the infinitely more subtle refined messages that are available all the time.

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Helping Another With Critical Illness

Some years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and had to go in for emergency surgery. The cancer was happily not of a fatal nature and, despite an operation that unexpectedly took her to then point of death, she survived and recovered fully. However, this situation brought to light matters that you need to consider carefully. You see, prior to this revelation, nobody in our family had ever suffered from cancer before. Indeed, we had come to think of ourselves as "immune"; a problem that affects other people, but will never touch us. Now we know better.

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