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Goal Setting Key Ideas

In the world of goal setting, many individuals limit their beliefs about their own talent and abilities. They feel confined within boundaries, and beneath a low ceiling, that they built all by themselves. The myth they secretly tell themselves is that they are inferior; that they lack many things such as resources, education, and confidence.

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Excuses! Excuses!

One of the greatest hindrances in making any progress in life, business or personal, is our lamentable habit of making excuses for ourselves! Whether it's a pain in the head, a pain in your heart, or that eternal pain in the butt (!), we almost always have a good reason - and probably several - for why we did not live up to our potential, or achieve the success that we felt we deserved. However, the sorry fact of the matter is this. Excuses are just excuses, and what was left unachieved remains unachieved. Maybe the excuses make you feel better for a while, and they help you save face in front of other people. However, in the depths of the night, when you are all by yourself and have time to ponder at leisure about all that might have been... what about then?

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