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Thoughts On Destiny

Everyone has a purpose and everyone is called by Destiny. Although you may not think you have a purpose and certainly might not understand it, you have a purpose. You can know it and understand it. Some people hear Destiny's call when they're small children. You've noticed them. They know what they're going to do when they grow up. As teenagers, they chart their course and begin studying. Then, never wavering, regardless of stormy weather or sunny sailing, they singlemindedly pursue the goal.

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The 2 Key Success Factors

Recently, Donald Trump was on TV and described his two major keys to success. He said: (1) You have to do something you really love. (2) Be willing to overcome any obstacle - even go through a brick wall, if necessary - in order to achieve your dream. Now, while this may not sound like particularly new information to anyone who has read a lot of motivational material, let us try to look at it with new eyes. After all, it's coming from one of the most financially successful men in the world today.

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