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Respect Other People’s Spiritual Beliefs

It may seem the hardest thing to do at times, and few people seem able to do it. However, it is so important to respect the spiritual beliefs of other people, even if we do not necessarily believe them ourselves. Nobody has a monopoly on Truth. This article makes that …

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Seeing The World In Black & White

In a world where fundamentalist religions seem to enjoy ever greater sway – whether it be fundamentalist Islam, radical Judaism or evangelical Christianity – it is worthwhile to ponder one of the key assumptions underlying all three of these faiths. In doing so, we can better understand why their believers …

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Buddhism & Christianity

Hello, I found the following Christian critique of Buddhism. While I have not read it all, what I have read makes me wish that we had more Christians like this – honest and intelligent – and willing to engage in genuine discourse, rather than just damning everything in favor of …

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