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You Will DEFINITELY Die – And You Could Die Today!

There is only one certain fact, and that is that every one of us will die one day. Yet, most of us go about our lives as if death only happens to other people. As yòung people, we feel immortal. As we get older, we study ways to prolong our lives through exercise, diet and a range of other precautions. Our society goes to incrèdible lengths to conceal death from us. It is even possible to go for many years in the West, even an entire lifetime, without ever seeing a dead person.

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The Game Of Life & Death

It is often said in spiritual teachings that the world is an illusion, suffering is unreal, and that Good and Evil are dualistic fantasies. Doubtless, this is all well and good. Yet, how do we reconcile this with the fact that all of this seems very real indeed to the vast majority of us?As I pondered this one day, an interesting metaphor came to my mind that might well go some way towards illustrating this...

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The Sleeper Awakens Within The Dream

When we awaken from dreams, we realize that they were not real, but entirely of our own creation. In a dream, you are the participant as well as the creator of all the other characters and the settings. In like manner, everyday reality can also be viewed from this dream perspective; a dream from which each of us will one day awaken to realize that this too was an illusion of earthly consciousness.

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