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The Buddhist Metta Meditation For Inner Peace And Happiness

One of the most powerful and transforming meditations in Buddhism is the Metta meditation, also known as the Loving Kindness Meditation. If you practice this meditation regularly, it will fill your heart with Love and Compassion, both for yourself and for other people. It is very simple, and yet extremely powerful. Moreover, it is a meditation you can do whilst formally seated for meditation, or at any point throughout the day, in the midst of the daily rush.

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The Tibetan Art Of Tonglen

Tonglen (sometimes spelled "tonglin" for folks who would like to do some research of their own) is apparently a practice that comes to us from Tibet. It is practiced entirely through breathing. As the fellow in the book (cited below) says, "If you can breathe in and out, you can practice tonglin." As you inhale, you think of people you want to help who are suffering. You can visualize those people if you know them, or think of their names and locations if you do not. You may work on specific problems, or do general work.

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