Is there a secret to creating wealth and abundance so fast, it takes your breath away? YES!...

"49-Year Old Multi-Millionaire Finally Agrees To Reveal The ONE Amazing Success Secret That Made Him Rich!"

IMMEDIATELY begin creating your dream life and have a blast doing it, as you kiss 9 to 5 misery goodbye forever. Don't believe me? Fine... see for yourself, and if you're not totally satisfied, you don't pay a single cent.

Generate the riches that have eluded you for years, but without painful stress or struggle.

Best of all, this success system is so simple, you do 75% of it literally relaxing in an armchair with your eyes closed!...

PLUS, 3 time-limited FREE bonuses, worth $97. See below for full details...

 Just Some Of The Powerful Discoveries Revealed To You...

(1) The Millionaires' single most important secret for creating super-success in all life areas (without this, you're wasting your time in all your other efforts to be wealthy)

(2) The simplest formula you'll ever see for magically manifesting your dreams (and how to make it work for you, starting NOW) - page 26

(3) The one thing you must never ever do - and probably ARE doing all the time - if you truly want to manifest your life dreams (Break this rule, and all your other efforts will be a total waste of time) page 107

(4) Specific detailed instructions for knowing, and creating, exactly what you want fast and easy - page 76

(5) How most people set themselves up to fail, and how YOU can remove every pathetic excuse to success now and forever- page 59

(6) Why you want (and receive) far too little from life! (plus, how to dramatically expand your vision of what you think you deserve and can achieve - page 60)

(7) Yes! How to finally eliminate negative influences/people dragging you into the dust- page 147

and much more. Read on for the full story...

From The Desk Of Asoka Selvarajah, Online Publisher Of The Midas Method

Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Dear Friend,

If you can spare just 20 minutes a day, relaxing in an armchair with your eyes closed, then I can show you how to quickly and easily achieve all the success and abundance you could ever want.

This means, making your dreams of freedom, empowerment and security finally come true - for yourself and your family.

Here's what it's about....

Some years back, a man of quite average intelligence accidentally stumbled upon one of the most potent wealth creation systems known. Using it for just a few minutes daily, he rapidly transformed himself from miserable debt-ridden wage slave to internationally famous multimillionaire author/entrepreneur.  

He calls the system he discovered The Midas Method (after the mythical King Midas, who turned everything he touched into solid gold). And once you learn it, YOU too can have the golden touch.

Yes, that's a big claim. And let's face it. Most "success" and "get rich" information out there is pure nonsense. You already know that...

Big promises. Complex systems only a genius can figure out. And so on. So, if you're skeptical, you're right to be. Big claims need solid evidence.

So what makes The Midas Method  different and genuine? Here are 3 reasons, just to start with:

(1) Unlike all the fancy schemes out there, this wealth creation system really is simple. It doesn't require money, connections, or a genius IQ. In fact, you do 75% of it in just 20 minutes a day. And that's with your eyes closed!

(2) The Midas Method was discovered by a person with no special talent or advantages. Which means, if he can do it, so can you.

The guy's name is Stuart Goldsmith. And he used The Midas Method to create a £10,000,000 fortune, starting from debt.

Now, that IS an exceptional result! And nobody is pretending here that everybody could do that. However, it DOES prove that the system worked for Stuart. And he sincerely believes it can work for anyone:

"I became a millionaire in eight years, starting with an overdraft! I promise to you now that I am just an ordinary guy with no special gifts or talents for making money. I wasn't lucky either; in fact I had a lot of bad luck..."

                                              Stuart Goldsmith, author of  The Midas Method


 (3) Most important of all, Stuart Goldsmith IS a multi-millionaire, and The Midas Method System is how he did it. This is surely the key distinction!

Stuart made his own money through creating physical information products and courses, and selling them via Direct Mail. However, the Midas Method is not limited to that. There are countless ways to generate success and wealth.

The secrets he reveals in this material, and his other courses, have catapulted many of his students into financial freedom, empowerment and independence. They'll never again have to do what they hate, just to "make a living"! That is true joy and security.

Imagine what this could mean for you...

Perhaps it means a beautiful new home, luxury car or more sunny vacations abroad? Feel for a moment what it would be like to have all the spare time you need to pursue your spiritual and creative goals. And how proud you'll feel seeing your family totally provided for.

So, what would the dream be, for you personally? It really is possible for you, because... 


The TRUTH about SERIOUS Success Is Finally Revealed....

And it's not about buying into some fancy scheme; real estate, day trading, MLM or whatever. It's not about who you know. And it's not about your sex, color, age, or nationality either.

First, you have to become the kind of person to whom abundance and success are powerfully attracted.

And you have to learn the secret of how to infallibly attract material abundance and opportunity to yourself.

And the good newsis... it's relatively easy, once you know how.

Strangely enough, it's not about how hard you work. Or how much you "deserve" it. Ordinary people are ignorant of that. But the super-wealthy know it very well. That's their secret advantage over the rest of us. 

But this is where Stuart Goldsmith's The Midas Method comes in. It finally gives the rest of us those jealously guarded secrets all millionaires know but refuse to reveal. So, you too can commence the path to success and fortune, no matter where you're starting from.

So, here's a quick break-down of the course modules...

Module 1: The Midas Method Course

These are the core wealth teachings you need to absorb. And here's a selection of what is covered:

1. The 7 deadly poisons to your long-term life success (and how to eliminate them from your life once and for all) - page 5

2. 4 embarrassingly simple steps to infallibly attract your every desire (you do the first 3 relaxing in your armchair, with your eyes shut) - page 8

3. The secrets of NSI & PSI - Why they infallibly predict the exact heights (or depths) you'll achieve in life! (PLUS, how to shift the NSI/PSI balance overwhelmingly in your favor) - page 19

4. Are you crawling around under a 3 foot high false ceiling? 99% of people are. Discover how to access your infinite potential - achieve far more than you believe you're possibly capable of - page 50

5. Discover the ONE belief vital to your success (lack of it spells certain failure in MANY different life areas, not just wealth creation) - page 65

6. Why you have to take full responsibility for your own life, and exactly how to do it (and the dire consequences if you don't) - page 112

7. A simple 4-step process for exploding your all-important PSI levels to easily achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to (Thousands have already used this easy process, and so can you) - page 147

8. Amazing true story: Why a "successful" man who "had it all" failed over and over again. Discover the amazing reason, and expel it  from your own  life! - page 15

9. Why your subconscious mind works infallibly AGAINST your success, and how to make it work FOR you! - pages 40-43

10. Revealed! Millionaires' single most important secret for financial success (without this, you're wasting your time in all your other efforts to get rich)...

Plus, what better way to discover the power of The Midas Method than to hear the amazing true story of Stuart Goldsmith himself (page 1)? How Stuart discovered the Midas system, and how it whisked him from broke public company employee to highly respected multimillionaire so fast it made his former bosses' heads spin!

But maybe you're thinking, "Sure. That's all fine and dandy if you've already got money. But what if you're broke like me?" If that's what you're thinking, consider this...

On page 87, you'll learn how Stuart Goldsmith, starting from literally NOTHING, generated $1600 in 8 weeks, working for a total of just 11 hours, just to prove to himself that The Midas Method works, and that you really CAN make money starting from literally ZERO!

Again, nobody promises or "guarantees" the same for you. But Stuart did this to prove to himself that his system really works. So, maybe it could work for you too?

And that's not all.  In fact, there's much more...

1. Stuart's private never-before-revealed system for creating your life goals, and turbo-charging them with energy through the power of visualization - page 125

2. Key secrets for starting your own business (Stuart began his on the kitchen table, and went on to run a multimillion dollar operation) - page 163

3. Finally! Stuart reveals his PRIVATE jealously guarded visualization exercise (so simple, it takes just 3 minutes; so powerful, Stuart swears blind it turned him from pauper to multimillionaire!) - page 113

4. Detailed at-a-glance checklist of all techniques and strategies revealed in the book (print it out and refer to it several times daily to make these teachings come alive in your life!) - page 161

5. Exposed! The Inner Enemy slashing your success to shreds (where it came from, why YOU permit it to grow within you, AND how to eliminate it forever)- page 28

6. Your own in-depth psychological evaluation,  and specific tips on how to create a whirlwind of success in your life - page 117


Module 2: Seven Secrets Of The Millionaires

With 7 Secrets Of The Millionaires, you get the fast-track system to millionaire status, without having to make all the mistakes Stuart did. In fact, if you follow his teachings seriously, and implement them seriously, you could potentially achieve millionaire status even faster!

Here's just some of what you'll be learning:

1) Belief - the critical success factor for becoming rich.  How specifically to use it  to rocket out of your personal poverty trap. (Page 17)

2) How to envision the perfect tomorrow, and use it to plan a better today (The world's wealthiest credit their enormous success to this secret) ( Page 44).

3) The ONE character quality that guarantees big-time Success - find out what it is and how to develop it. (Page 79).

4) Why you CAN'T have it all. No "get rich quick" BS. Stuart explodes the illusions, and tells you the TRUTH about getting seriously wealthy! ( Page 93).

5) The Power Day  - Stuart's unique and easy  strategy to achieve more in a single day than you normally do in 6 Months! (Page 125)

6) 3 key habits of winners you need to adopt TODAY. (Page 46)

7) Ten EASY Tips To Making Your First Million (Page 111)

Knowing what you REALLY want from your life and career is key to your success. That's why most people fail. They hope and dream, but they don't know the answer to this simple question: what EXACTLY do you want? Stuart shows you how to bring your ideal future lifestyle into 100% clear focus AND simultaneously helps you discover your "job from heaven". (Page 51)

People also fail because they don't set goals. There's a deep-seated blind spot within us, and most people never discover it. Yet, ignorance of this fact can destroy all hopes of ever achieving your dreams. Not only do you learn about this fatal character flaw, you also learn why you MUST set goals if you have any chance at all of getting rich. Best of all, you'll also be shown the exact goal-setting technique Stuart used to attract millions of dollars into his life. (Page 71)

This idea alone is worth a hundred times the price of the e-book. If you follow it seriously, it will definitely set you on the path of wealth and success (and not just money - anything in life). 
But we're not done yet. Because 7 Secrets Of The Millionaires also reveals:

1) The astonishing truth of why you should run a business that DOESN'T expand! (and enjoy your dream lifestyle at the same time).

2) The Secret To Being Both Rich AND Happy! (No, nothing to do with positive thinking. Not knowing this is why many millionaires really ARE miserable!)

3) Exposed! The TRUTH about low-wage hell - why inner fantasies/fears keep people enslaved (and how YOU can break free to live a life of abundance, free from worry and debt).

4) The 4 critical stages to achieving a life of power, wealth & passion (Page 118). 

5) How To Take 10 minutes & change your life beyond recognition. (Page 78)

6) 5 tips to pull your dreams into reality, like a magnet attracts nails. (Page 47)

7) 4 key reasons why failures fail, and how you can avoid these deadly traps

and much more....

The simple fact is, this e-book is like having several solid hours of private time with Stuart. It's like him taking you, an apprentice millionaire, under his wing and revealing to you the exact strategies for wealth creation he's learned through very costly trial and error.  


Module 3: The Midas Method Accelerator 10-week Course.

This remarkable 10-week email course supercharges the teachings of Stuart Goldsmith's The Midas Method. Each week, you'll receive a powerful lesson in Acrobat PDF format delivered direct to your email box. Each one goes deeper on a specific aspect of the system revealed in The Midas Method itself. 

This weekly course will (a)  keep you bang on target with the main system, (b) give you practical ways to make The Midas Method work for you, and (c) surge your vision of what is possible for you into the stratosphere. 

The secrets revealed in the Midas Method Accelerator course will  get you results even faster than if you were using The Midas Method alone. 

And the truth is, The Midas Method is for real.

But if you're still skeptical, that's okay. In fact, you are absolutely  right to be. So, to help prove it to you, here are some key criteria that any GENUINE wealth creation system must satisfy...

Warning: DON'T Buy Any Success System Until You Read These Disturbing Truths:

Let's discuss the 4 tests any genuine Success creation system must pass (you may be shocked how many "bizop" products you've bought failed these criteria). You'll see how The Midas Method meets them all..

Not all wealth creation products are created equal. Make sure any product you buy meets the following 4 criteria:

TEST 1: Any NORMAL person can (a) understand the system, and (b) use it to get achieve wealth and success. Sorry to disillusion you, but this does NOT apply to the vast majority of bizops out there!...

If you've got to be some kind of  Ph.D to figure the deal out, it's not going to work either. It's got to be simple and do-able by virtually anyone. That way, you know for sure it really does work, and will work for you.

The Midas Method is so simple, a child could learn it in a few minutes and potentially use it to attract whatever he/she wants - fast. You do 75%  of it with your eyes closed, lying on a sofa. What could be easier?

TEST 2: You don't need to make a large financial investment to work the system.

But The Midas Method allows you to begin at zero, like Stuart Goldsmith did (actually he had LESS than zero at the time). And with sufficient application, there is the potential to generate as much wealth and success as you could ever want.

TEST 3: The method  is not some tired ineffective junk you've seen a million times before!

Doesn't it make you sick how many of the so-called "success" courses and books out there are shameless clones?

The Midas Method is like a breath of fresh air. It works by first changing YOU, to make you into the kind of person to whom success naturally flows! And it does this by using the full power of your mind to attract key opportunities and people into your life at precisely the right time.

TEST 4: The creator of the system really did get tangible results using that very system!  

Much of the so-called "success literature" out there never works. It just turns you into a junkie for the net book or course.

Not true of Stuart Goldsmith. The Midas Method emerged from his own personal desperation; his need to find a way out at any cost  from poverty and powerlessness. It was his salvation from a life of wage slavery, debt and despair.

But let Stuart tell you in his own words...

How Stuart Goldsmith Went From Debt To Millions Using The Midas Method...

It seems incredible, but I had known about The Midas Method for over three years before I gave it a try. 

I was a smart-ass who thought I knew it all! I just didn't believe that something so simple could work, but at that time I was so desperate that I decided to give it a try. Using the secret of The Midas Method, I became a multimillionaire. I felt as though everything I touched had turned to gold.

No boring 9-5 job, no piddling little pay check, no boss telling me what to do. I've done that! Never again! But it wasn't always like this. A few years ago, before I discovered an amazing secret called The Midas Method, I was in real trouble...

Money Problems!

I lived in a one-room rented flat. It was so old, the windows wouldn't open. In winter, I sat huddled in front of a cheap paraffin heater for warmth, wrapped in an old coat I bought at a charity shop. That's the truth. I still have that coat to remind me of those hard times. I drove a scrap-yard on wheels - an old mini van with gaping holes in the wings. It was so rusty it used to fill with water until I was driving along with my feet in a puddle! Now I drive one of the classiest cars around - a top of the range BMW. This is the car I want to drive. I could choose almost any car I wanted to, even a Rolls Royce.

I worked for a big public corporation which paid me next to nothing. There was always too much month left over at the end of the money. Know the feeling? Nowadays I make more money in two weeks than I did in a whole year working for someone else - and I'll show you how you can do this too. 

You'd like my lifestyle. Nowadays I do exactly as I please with my time. No last minute panic to get to work; no traffic jam to sit in - I've done all that. 

Instead I might play golf, go flying or just sit in the sun reading a book. I spend time each week looking after my various business interests (driving around in my classy  £38,000 BMW) and the rest of the time is mine to do with as I please. 

Using The Midas Method, I have made £1000 in one hour! Could The Midas Method help YOU to boost your income?

Yes, I think so!

I started from an overdraft of £1000. It sounds so pathetic now, but I just couldn't seem to pay it off. I used to get those nasty letters from the bank; you know the sort I mean? Now I regularly lend money to the bank at $100,000 a time and my net worth is in excess of ten million pounds. I own over £1,000,000 in property alone! The bank manager takes me to lunch - and she pays!

I believed that you had to work really hard in some menial job to make even a modest amount of money, yet here was a little known method of making as much money as you want, which requires only belief on your part - belief in yourself and belief enough to try the method. Furthermore, this wasn't some fantasy 'business opportunity' requiring me to invest my life savings - there is no capital involved. All you pay is the price of the e-book.

When you use The Midas Method, YOU DECIDE how much money you want! And if at a later date you decide that you need more, then fine! You can use The Midas Method over and over again as often as you wish to bring you exactly the amount of money you desire. I know you're skeptical, but consider a couple of things.... 

Firstly, the days are long gone when you could make a claim like this if the author was broke. Now there are dozens of government bodies from the FTC to the FBI just waiting to pounce. I would not risk my considerable business empire by printing untruths; this would be fraud, plain and simple. 

Next, I have been helping people for over ten years now and sold over 100,000 copies of my book. Believe me, in that time many, many 'know it alls' have tried to prove I am a fake (rather than getting on with the method and making themselves rich!). I would have been destroyed years ago if I had been lying. 

All I ask is that you TRY the method. What have you got to lose? Nothing! That's right!"

(Note: Stuart's financial results are true but NOT typical. There is no guarantee that you will reproduce these results, or indeed make any money. The law requires us to make this statement. Thank you.)

Indeed. What have you got to lose? Nothing!

With The Midas Method  you'll know some of the most powerful success secrets ever discovered.Maybe you too can attract all you dream of, using these super-simple secrets for just 20 minutes a day with your eyes closed? 

But we're not done yet. If you order right now, you'll also have instant access to the following excellent free bonuses:

FREE Bonus No. 1: The special insider report, How To Develop Inner Confidence, Esteem & Empowerment – Overcoming Inner Roadblocks To Attain The Life You Dream Of  by myself, Asoka Selvarajah, Ph.D

Experts agree. 99% of our problems arise from low self-esteem and poor self-image.

We experience problems, and always look outside ourselves for the blame. But the real cause is within. This report complements The Midas Method perfectly. It teaches you impactful strategies to incinerate the things you do (or don’t do) that keep you stuck.

The typical audio tape seminar on self-esteem costs $70 or more. So, that’s what this report is worth, at the very minimum. But why spend the money? You get it FREE when you order The Midas Method!

FREE Bonus No. 2: A copy of  Inside The Minds Of Winners by Charles Burke. This amazing e-book contains 289 pages packed with interviews, articles and key insights into what it takes to be an extraordinary winner. Interviews with top personal development coaches like John Harricharan and Bob Scheinfeld, and with multi-millionaire marketers like Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver,  and Rick Beneteau.

The 9 interviews are in-depth (typically lasting 16-30 closely typed pages each). Author Charles Burke left no stone unturned in extracting the most treasured secrets from each winner he interviewed. 

Each interview uncovers many different practical, useable strategies that work. Plus, the huge articles section at the back is a treasury of specific detailed insights on how to manifest your life goals now

Inside The Minds Of Winners works perfectly  with The Midas Method, because it gives you still more strategies to become wealthy, successful, AND happy. Note: There have been websites out there selling this e-book ALONE for $16.95 or more. True!

FREE Bonus No. 3: The amazing Mind Your Own Business manifestation power course by Debbie Solomon & Sara Hardy. Another excellent complement to The Midas Method, this course reveals to you tons of practical mental exercises, visualizations, tips and strategies to apply inner mind power to sky-rocket your business life.

Here's a small selection of what you'll learn:

  •  Is your thinking left or right brain dominant? (and how to use both sides of the brain to explode your effectiveness in everything you do)
  •  How to easily and quickly develop the key quality of charisma in your relationships (and hypnotize people into falling over to to help you get what you want)
  •  Specific body posture power techniques you can use immediately to take control of any situation, and convey authority and confidence to all around you (see the respect that friends and strangers alike will pay you)

...and much more. Mind Your Own Business is excellent, as you'll find out.

Actually, in terms of the information contained, these three bonuses alone could fetch a pretty decent price. But you get them all included for  FREE with The Midas Method...


OK, So How Much Does The Midas Method Cost?

Not as much as you'd expect..... 

Let's put this in perspective. Stuart Goldsmith routinely charges two hundred dollars per half hour for his consultancy time. That's if you can even get him. He retired over twenty years ago, and is doing virtually NO consulting nowadays.

So The Midas Method alone, at 198 pages of in-depth teaching, is arguably worth thousands of dollars. That's what you'd pay Stuart to explain it to you personally in this level of detail... if you could get him in the first place. Plus, you're getting his Seven Serets Of The Millionaires AND The Midas Method Accelerator.

But no. We agreed that this must work for you, even if you're almost broke. So here's the deal...

Your price for The Midas Method system is a mere $49.97. 

Over a year, that's about 13  cents a day. Crazy, for a system this powerful! PLUS, you get the 3 bonus items absolutely FREE.

Frankly, if Stuart finds out I'm selling his precious system for this  price, he'll be after my blood. So, the price might not remain at this low level for too long. So, you'd do best to hurry.

But in case any doubts still linger in your mind, consider this...


The Midas Method Must Work For You Right Away, Or You Keep It For FREE...

I want you to have  no reservations whatsoever in giving The Midas Method a fair try. So, let's make this as simple and risk-free for you as possible...

My Personal 100% Risk-Free Guarantee To You

Try the Midas Method for 60 full days at your leisure, risk-free, and apply it to your specific life situation. You MUST experience dramatic improvements in your life FAST, otherwise I absolutely don't want to keep your money.

In fact, if you're the least bit dissatisfied for ANY reason, or feel the system has not worked for you, I absolutely INSIST you contact me immediately for a full and courteous refund.

No questions asked whatsoever. AND you get to keep The Midas Method system plus all bonuses for free.  We will still part as friends, and hopefully you will have learned something of value. This is my personal pledge to you. 

 Asoka Selvarajah

That means you get to try out all the secrets in The Midas Method entirely at my risk. Try them and see if they work for you. If  they don't, I honestly want you to ask for your refund.

There's absolutely NO risk for you. I've taken all your risk on myself.  

You either make more money, manifest your dream life, and win more free time in your life, or you pay nothing. That's why you have no risk, and I'll bear it all.

Simply stated, don't decide now. Just say "maybe". Give The Midas Method a try...  


Order Now  - Attract Riches, Freedom & Empowerment, Starting Today...

When you order Stuart Goldsmith's The Midas Method System, you also get the following FREE bonuses thrown in:

(a) How To Develop Inner Confidence, Esteem & Empowerment – Overcoming Inner Roadblocks To Attain The Life You Dream Of.  Special report  by Asoka Selvarajah, 

(b) Inside The Minds Of Winners by Charles Burke, 

(c) Mind Your Own Business manifestation course by Debbie Solomon & Sara Hardy, 

Your price today is just $49.97.

A tiny amount for the powerful wealth creation strategies you'll learn. What could applying these secrets mean for YOU, in real terms?... 

No more bills you simply can't pay.  No more slave-driver boss breathing down your neck. No hellish daily commute to work. No more "making do".  Your time is 100% your own. You only work on projects that matter to YOU. That's what achieving wealth and abundance does for you.

It could definitely all be yours, and more. So, all things considered, it makes excellent sense to order The Midas Method right away...

(This is a DIGITAL product, i.e. Adobe PDF documents, so you'll have access immediately. )

 What's the price of not following through?... 

Simply this. Nothing changes for you. Life continues exactly as before, and your dreams remain on hold indefinitely. If you leave it until later, you might forget and never do it.

You don’t want to miss out on your right to be rich in every possible way. 

Also, I cannot guarantee to offer all these special free bonuses forever. They are there if you order right now. That's all I can promise. So, don't miss out.  

Order The Midas Method for just $49.97 now. The true winners in life are distinguished by their power to take action. You are one of them!

                                     To Your Success!

Asoka Selvarajah

 Online Publisher of The Midas Method

P.S. Don't forget. With The Midas Method, 75% of the "hard work" is spent relaxing on your sofa for just 20 minutes a day with your eyes closed! It couldn't get much easier. Stuart did just this to generate enormous wealth. And he's just an average guy. So, could it possibly work for you too?...

All sounds too incredible to be true? Fine. Why not try the system for 60 full days (courtesy of our 100% no-risk money back guarantee) and find out for yourself? You've got literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. Do it now!

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