Self Motivation: Pushing Through Despite Discouragement

Often in life, we get discouraged because we feel overwhelmed, we compare ourselves with others negatively, or we see how apparently far away the goal is compared to where we are right now.

However, it is important to remember that this is just one way to look at the situation. In a real sense, it is a choice we make. We can equally well choose to look at things differently.

For instance, it is important to remember that despite what you may have been taught at school or by parents, life is not a race and there is no need to compete in literally everything you do. Hence, if you are trying to achieve something and others seem so far advanced, or started later than you did and made faster progress, that is okay. Let it be that way. You have no way of knowing their specific background and what hidden advantages they may have that you lack. Do not simply assume that it is down to their natural talent or superiority. Rather, you might choose to take it as a sign of encouragement, showing you what is possible if you exert yourself some more. Avoid jealousy at the success of others but rather wish them well because this attitude is conducive to you succeeding too.

Try always to look back and celebrate how far you have come rather than always looking ahead at how far there is yet to travel, or how much you still have left to do. This approach is critical because it trains your mind to think well of itself and of the achievements you have already accomplished. A very useful practice in this respect is to make a list of all the things you have achieved in your life and then review the list regularly.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount you have to do, then there are many ways to look at this. Perhaps you really are taking on too much, and need to reduce the overall number of projects in your life. Sometimes less is more. You cannot do a great job at too many things all by yourself, but you CAN be outstanding at just a few well chosen goals.

Alternatively, maybe your time/project management needs improving? There are many good books and courses that you could study to greatly improve your use of your time and how you actually manage projects. If that is the issue, then invest some time and effort in this approach.

If you already have the right number of projects and have implemented good time/project management skills, then maybe what you really need is to take a break. Consider how much time off you take. Perhaps you are on the go too often and are trying to do too many different things simultaneously. You might just need a vacation, or maybe even just the afternoon off!

In summary, no matter what your specific reason for being discouraged is, it all ultimately boils down to how you choose to view the situation. Often, the chief benefit of taking a break and looking at the matter objectively is that you gain a huge objectivity that you simply cannot possess when you are immersed in the mire of your work.

Try to remember that you always have a choice. As a consequence, when you feel down on yourself, take a break, review the situation and then come up with new strategies, both mentally as well as in the physical realm, to enable you to come out on top again.

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  1. Dearest Asoka,

    While structures in my head to solve life’s problems might give me relief, they are always subject that an unforeseen event will challenge them beyond their capacity. With no challenge, they may proceed uneventfully doing the job they were created for. And it is okay and like they say better than nothing, But it is only with the total acceptance of whom I presently am that I may address my shortcomings to understand their origins. Such understanding without judgment is what brings the gradual awakening of my consciousness and with it the finest human manifestation that level of awareness will allow.

    Of course, your point is well taken and the route is a long struggle and we will have to choose that which at the moment is the most feasible. Taking on that which is beyond my present capacity is also part of the learning process. I can’t remember the many times I did in my 83 years of life.

    Thank you Asoka and keep up the good work.

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