Self Confidence: Your Greatest Challenge?

Each of us faces obstacles and challenges in life. We invariably feel that our lot is unduly tough and that perhaps other have it far easier.

There is no doubt that many people do enjoy unprecedented good fortune from birth, be it a result of good karma or good fortune. However, they are the vast minority. Moreover, it is debatable as to how much a person can learn and grow if life comes too easy.

For the rest of us, we face challenges that are often very tough indeed. However, the greatest challenge we face is by far… internal. It comes from within our own minds. This is where our attitude and approach to dealing with life originates. It is our own thinking that shapes whether we see the glass half full or half empty.

At one Tony Robbins event, they teach the following approach: whatever life dishes out to you, no matter how harsh, reply by saying “Whip it on!”

In other words, no matter what kind of garbage life deals out to you at times, have the kind of attitude they would have in the Marines and respond “What? Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?” Don’t let yourself get downhearted and don’t give up. Instead, expect obstacles and difficulties. That is how life operates. It’s not personal against you.

To adopt this attitude makes a better person of you. Many people do not develop any kind of resilience. Instead, they are blown over by the slightest difficulty. Such people develop a level of fragility that ensures they cannot accomplish much in life, or be very happy for much of the time.

All of this comes down to Confidence. This is the key factor to developing this kind of resilient certainty and deep self-belief in your own abilities, your own right to do well. This level of certainty comes from deep within and can be trained and developed.

That is what my new program, The Confidence Cure, can do for anyone…

The bottom line is that the challenges we face from within are far greater than those from without. It is what we do with the internal challenges that determines how we triumph in the external world. Moreover, the only person who can challenge and triumph in the battle for your mind is… You!

Nobody else can do this for you.

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