Seeking The Inner Silence

As you study the spiritual traditions of the world, you become
increasingly aware of the fact that they all emphasize finding
that point of still silence within yourself. They may express
this in different ways, but it seems to be a very powerful and
consistent theme throughout the world’s mystical systems.

Recently, I was listening to an audio course, and noted how one
teaching was to still oneself, and simply feel the feeling
within your body, feel the power within that feeling without any
judgment, and then feel appreciation for the feeling just the way
it is. Finally, you were told to feel appreciation for yourself,
for feeling that feeling and its power within you.

It’s a wonderful teaching and well worth putting into practice.
Isn’t it interesting though how we find a similar emphasis upon
inner silence and simply feeling reality, just the way it is, in
so many mystical traditions?

Doubtless, you might think of Zen Meditation, and Zazen – the
meditation practice of simply sitting and being present with your
self. No mantra. No visualization. No “practice” as such, apart
from the practice of simply turning up and seating yourself in
the same manner. Tranquility, restlessness, aches and pains,
mystical visions, distracting thoughts. They are all part of the
practice, without distinction and without striving for the
present moment to be anything other than what it is.

There are similar practices in the other tradition – Tibetan,
Indian, Sufi, Shamanistic and more besides. Sai Baba said “It is
only in the depths of silence that the voice of God can be

Spare a thought for this the next time you are totally caught up
in what we call “life”, which is often nothing more than a
harassed dream (or even nightmare). As we become ever more
fascinated by our cell phones, our X-Boxes, our cars, our
careers, and more, we might do well to remember that spiritual
traditions have always maintained throughout the ages that this
is NOT where reality lies, or where the source of true and
lasting peace may be found.
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Certainly, the modern person cannot reasonably be expected to
retire from the realities of daily life. However, surely the
aspiration should be to emulate the Samurai, or indeed any highly
advanced martial artist. You can be a blur of motion, while at
the same time retaining an inner core of stillness. It is out of
that inner core of perfect spiritual Oneness that the true power
and perfectly timed sequence of ordered, coherent motion arises.

Consider how many traditions focus on the critical need for a
person to spend time alone in silent contemplation. Greater minds
than ours have come to this conclusion, so do you not think there
might be something to it? I have even heard modern personal
development teacher, Brian Tracy, exhort that at least one hour a
day should be spent alone in silence, without any premeditated
agenda or plan. He even went further and declared that if you
don’t think you have the time for it, then you are precisely the
person who most needs to make this a number one priority!

Now, you can achieve this state in many ways. Some prefer the
formal practice of meditation. It’s arguably the best way.
However, many in the West are not accustomed to it. Hence, it is
always best to find a way that works for you personally.

I know that I gain great benefit from simply being out in Nature
by myself; lying back and looking up into the empty blue sky, or
examining the activities of tiny ants, or just studying the
structure of a flower’s petals.

Your way may be to close your eyes with music flowing through
your ears. Others can even achieve a sort of spiritual silence in
the midst of physical exercise, such as running. The whole point
of Yoga is to unite the body with the mind, and put the whole
into a place of spiritual stillness.

Which method will it be for you? Ponder this right now.

When we fail to go within, we remain on “open circuit” to the
world and all around us. We define ourselves solely in terms of
our interactions. Yet, none of this is who we really are in our
essence. On the other hand, when you close out all external
influences and go within, and spend time there, simply feeling
the hum of the life energy present, you come ever more in tune
with the essence of your reality, and of Reality in the widest
sense possible.

This is an impossible task when your life remains one of pure
interaction. Your happiness and emotional reactions will hang
upon how well events are going, because your primary focus is
external. However, when you make the shift, and turn your primary
focus within, and derive your emotional stability and peace from
the unchanging divine essence that you truly are, this can stay
with you even through the darkest hours of your life.

Yes, if you are unused to going within, it may take time and
effort, and it might be very frustrating for quite some time.
However, everything worth doing is worth doing badly to begin
with, when the promise of a great rewards awaits, provided one is

In summary, do give serious consideration to this idea. The key
to changing your life, and living closer to your true essence –
of really knowing your heart’s desire – lies through plumbing the
inner depths, of staying close to that constant hum of life
energy coursing through you, and of manifesting every day more
from that source of inner abundance. This can bring you more
peace and contentment than mere material riches ever can.

Copyright Asoka Selvarajah 2006. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. This article on seeking inner silence was something I have really been needing lately. I think I’m trying to hard to do what seems so simple and I haven’t reached the point where I have the peace and quiet of being alone long enough to find what I’m searching for. But I really enjoyed the article. Hope to see more with maybe more suggestions. Thank you for your insight.

  2. I am fighting myself. I know this. I am up against myself. All my addictions are brought about by what I think and do. They reinforce the obstacle. I know this. I don’t see a way out. I visualize the way that I’ve learned is the answer but do not see it. Anyway. I’m fighting myself. Now what?

  3. This article has come at a time when the more I try to seek silence the more difficult it gets.
    Meditation is also very difficult at such times cause the mind goes in overdrive an distracts a lot.Anyway this article has given a boost to the effort to seek the inner silence all the more.
    Hope to get more of these helpful and inspiring articles.

  4. Inner silence was a very good article to read.I find it so helpful in getting all my goals.

  5. Hi Asoka,
    The Inner Silence article is absolutely beauitful and so true. It is very important to listen to your inner self and be silent even for five minutes. It really works! I have been doing it for quite some time and my life has changed and I encourage everyone to do it. There are various ways of doing it and it depends on what works for people but one will get results. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.


  6. Rajendra Prasad Bajpai

    I believe that every living system has an associated electromagnetic field. The field is specific to the system and contains complete information of the system and its all activities. The nature of the field is quantum and is only partially detectable by methods suitable for detecting classical field. Living systems can detect some quantum fields. Probably, human beings are better detector than say a leaf or an insect.We tend to loose this capability because of the effect of civilisation and other societal pressures. Silence and meditation help us to regain this capability. If one has regained it, then one is not perturbed by the influences of outer world. I have not regained it but endevour to do so

  7. Talking about digesting words! Today I lisened to a radio-interview at “Under the Bodhi Tree” with author Debbie Friedman of “Cleaning Out The Closet of your Mind”, She mentioned a few words to better let go. One of them was the word “WANT” as far as I understand that word is tapping into a belief in “lack and limitation”. To me it indeed seems to feel like a certain uncertainty or distrusting the “uni-verse” kind of thing to use that particular word. For me the phrase “I want to hear your feedback” sounds a bit “pushy”, and created resistance and a visions in my mind of “religious groups” that want to force their way of thinking up on to me. To be honest I am inclined to force my way of thinking up to people myself, that’s probably why it was bothering me. Although for me it is rather practical because I am a sales man. (BTW did you buy my book already?) O.K. enough about that.., about seeking inner silence; I do some meditation and on a very practical level to concentrate without distractions – don’t laugh – I frequently use ear-plugs, realy.

    Thanks for reminding me of the importance of inner silence.


    P.S. I WANT you to not use the word “Want”…., see what I mean…? (I CHOOSE to inform you about the possility to buy my book.)

  8. Excellent website and good topics. How much of what is going on in your mind is inner chatter? How does one go about normalizing demon and angel circitus in the mind?

  9. Is it commensurate with “LETTING GO” or “TOTAL SURRENDER TO GOD” ?

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