Saddam Hussein In His Underwear…

Saddam in his underway. Quite a shocking sight, whatever you
might think of him.

My personal opinion?…

I don’t think this kind of thing benefits or uplifts anyone. Some
people are glad that it happened to him, or have very little
interests in his human rights, citing the abuses that he himself
was responsible for. But that’s a mistake.

The fact is that when we demean another in this fashion, or even
take some pleasure in it, we only drag our own spirits through
the mud. It’s hard to elevate ourselves spiritually, or even
improve our positive mindset when we are taking pleasure in the
demise of other people, no matter what their infamy may be.

The strange and sad thing about Saddam Hussein’s plight is that,
all his life, he struggled to win the esteem and appreciation
that he lacked so much as a child. The problem is that he went
about it in totally the wrong way. And this led to inevitable
suffering not only to him (as we see so graphically of late), but
also to the Iraqi people, and to the world as a whole.

It’s a strange fact but, whenever we seek to benefit ourselves
through a win-lose attitude (i.e. I am only happy succeeding if
YOU are losing as a direct result), it is an empty victory. It
does not bring any LASTING pleasure either.

Saddam adorned his palaces with photos of himself in his
“greatest” moments. On one side, you could see this as
accentuating the positive, and to some extent it is. When one has
a clear visual vision of what you want, or want to be, it is much
easier to achieve it (perversely enough, dictators have an
amàzingly well developed capacity for big-picture visualization
of where they want to get to, unlike most of us).

However, it is also evidence of a man who never really found the
self-esteem he had always lacked. He needed to bolster up his
private insecurities with these huge phòtos and statues of
himself. He had to enslave an entire nation. Somehow, this made
him feel better about himself.

And now, what has it all led to? These recent photos could not be
more humiliating, especially to a man so self-involved in his own

That is also why it is important for us, as we grow in our
personal lives, to have a clear idea about what TRUE abundance
and riches really are. It’s NOT about huge palaces, power over
others, or widespread adulation from the masses.

What does it mean to be really rich and to enjoy abundance?…

This is a question you need to ponder for yourself. It’s not the
same for everyone. It’s unique for evèryone.

A superb resource that can really help you to find YOUR answer to
this question, and show you how to attract what YOU want in terms
of abundance and riches, is “Know How To Be Rich” by Robert

Robert Anthony’s “Know How To be Rich” Course

It’s so important to really KNOW what true riches and wealth are
all about. Saddam Hussein never learned this, no matter how much
money, power and fear he commanded.

Maybe you and I can?…

Best Wishes,

Asoka Selvarajah

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Robert Anthony’s “Know How To be Rich” Course

Asoka Selvarajah

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  1. Saddam Hussein is a reflection of what one is or becomes when one has the potential to create lasting, loving and positive change in a world, but instead abuses his power, wealth and opportunity. He is a sad case of humanity indeed. However, it takes an awakened soul to recognize that there is no glory in seeing a man such as this being humiliated and degraded. Seeing this only fills my heart with sadness. Sadness for him (yes I am sad for him), his people, his country, and the numbers of people who have suffered under his reign, not to mention the people who have lost their lives in trying to bring him down.

    But I look at him (and believe me I don’t like looking) and wonder, ‘what can the we learn from observing such a man?’ It is not enough that he no longer rules. It is not enough that he cannot harm his people and country anymore. There MUST be more for us to learn! Some deeper meaning to it all! I look around the world today and see so much turmoil, strife, hopelessness, lost faith, homelessness, and so much more, and I wonder ‘why’! There is no reason for it, at least no obvious reason for it. We have more abundance today, no matter what part of the world we live in, than we ever have before. Yet, there is so much sadness, greed, and pain among us.

    Surely the Saddam Hussein’s of the world are here to teach us something…they must be! It seems to me that somehow these people surface to remind us that every human being has the right to dignity, love and compassion from every other human being. Perhaps it’s a statement that we are out of balance and need to reconnect to our basic human conditions; the need to belong, to be loved, to be honored for being who we are, no matter how small or seemingly incidental. But I fear that we are not learning this, and the result will be more Saddam Hussein’s, more injustices, more strife. And though I realize I alone cannot change this, I certainly realize I am responsible for myself, and I can continue to live with love, and compassion, and concern for all my fellow men and women of the world.

    In Arizona we have a Sheriff who publicly degrades and demoralizes the prisoners in the jails by forcing them to wear pink underwear and removing their “privileges” within the jails. My sister has told me that she thinks all Sheriff’s throughout the country should do this to all prisoners. After much back and forth dialogue, and unable to convince her to see it another way, I was left with a sadness because I know deep inside that if we continue to believe it is okay to think and behave this way toward others, we are not changing the world, or doing anything to make the world a better place. This practice has not changed the crime rate by even 1/10th of 1 percent. So how can anyone think it is helping to prevent crime (which was my sister’s arguement). It may be making the criminals more coy and perhaps better at not getting caught but its not changing the crime rate. This kind of thinking can only harm us in the long run, and in the short run.

    Sometimes I think we’re too slow at seeing the obvious around us. These are the kinds of things that lead me to a sense of sadness. Not really for the criminals, or the Saddam’s; but for us – the people who can’t see the harm they are doing by their thinking. Their actions may not be as aggregious but the outcomes are no less harmful to humanity.

  2. Nikodemus Frisch

    Humiliating another human being, no matter how “bad” this person is or was, is disgusting! If we were really created “in His image” and that is what the Christian Bible says then a frontpage like that shows an image of God in underpants! A publisher who supports this kind of dirt isn’t any better than Mr. Hussain himself. May God forgive both of them!

  3. Dear Asoka:

    I couldn’t agree more…This explaination of yours filled me with great peace.

    Love, Light and Peace

    “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.”

  4. to sum it all up, can you guys percieve the weakness in sadam?. all his deeds are a reflection of his own self-insecurity. (needs to be feared, to have control, etc.)

    humilliating him is pointless. no gain. he is already defeated.
    ONLY the weak humilliate others

    The LarvaMaster

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