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Putting Out Fires – Problems Are A Fact Of Life

This week has been testament to me of the fact that if something
can go wrong, it eventually will. Whilst I don’t think that
people should be morbidly fearful or have a positive expectation
of trouble, it nevertheless helps to accept it as par for the
course in life, not be too surprised when it comes along, and
develop the necessary resilience to deal with it.

As I run my online business, I find myself constantly having to
scramble to just maintain the status quo. Providers close down or
change their services in some critical way. Legislation changes,
which means that you suddenly have to modify your website.

This week, there were major problems with the bank (NOT my fault,
I might add, as it affected a large portion of their clients).
Hence, I found myself “wasting” several days remedying the issue;
time I would have rather spent more productively.

I guess the lesson here is that whatever can happen, will
eventually happen.

You always want to bear this in mind, in business or in life in
general. Prepare to deal with crisis, rather than act with
wide-eyed astonishment when it eventually happens. Much of
entrepreneurial life – indeed much of life in general – is all
about putting out fires; often more fires at one time that you
think you can cope with. You have to get comfortable with dealing
with overwhelm.

If you think you’re alone in this, and that it only ever happens
to YOU, think again. This week, it was my turn. Next week, it
might be yours.

The “whatever can happen eventually will” principle is another
good reason, if for no other, to live your life with as much
integrity and honesty as you are capable of. If you are ùp to
nefarious activities – be it taxes, business, personal
relationships or whatever – it will all come to light in the end.
If you haven’t been caught out to date, even over a period of
years, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be eventually.

If this home truth makes sense to you, you will find many more
like it in Stuart Goldsmith’s outstanding course, The Midas Method.

Anyway, I’m not longer surprised when “stuff happens”. The only
person who has no troubles in the world lives six feet under the
ground. So, if you’ve got problems, it proves at least one thing.

You’re still alive. And while there’s life, there’s hope!

Asoka Selvarajah

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