The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self

The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self gives you simple effective strategies to break free forever from the deadlock holding you down.

You'll gain complete abundance and empowerment; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. If you take these golden secrets to heart, and use them consistently, you'll transform your life into a shining jewel; the wonder of all who know you.

The Confidence Cure

Mystic 7 Numerology Reports

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The Midas Method System, by Stuart Goldsmith

In The Midas Method System, British multi-millionaire Stuart Goldsmith Stuart reveals the simple technique that rocketed him from pauper to enormous wealth. He also shows you how to overcome the inner limitations and emotional blocks that hold you back from the highest levels of success. Discover how to make your goals and dreams finally come true.

The course also includes his legendary book The 7 Secrets Of The Millionaires. It's packed with details about the key qualities and strategies essential to becoming wealthy. There's solid research from studying several multimillionaires, plus one billionaire. Plus, of course, the invaluable experiences Stuart himself gained in rising from desperate poverty to a £10,000,000 fortune.

Rising From The Ashes

​There inevitably come times in all our lives when we experience disappointment, sadness, and trauma. Maybe a project or key relationship ​failed. Maybe we experienced total humiliation. As a result, it is easy to sink into depression and melancholy. The traditional self-help solutions fail. It seems impossible to recover motivation. So, why not just give up trying?...

This is the precisely the situation that ​​Rising From The Ashes was designed to help you overcome.​​​ With this clear, compassionate, detailed and effective advice, you ​receive the encouragement you need to recover from your grief, regain motivation and thrive. You ​learn a powerful step-by-step proven process for "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps."

All of us feel like failures at times and want to give up. However, that is not your destiny. Use the detailed advice in this program to bring yourself back; to be as good as you were, and maybe even better. No matter what you have suffered, your future truly can be bright. Decide today to make a change. implement the strategies for Rising From The Ashes​ and recover your best self, starting today!

Aspire To Wisdom

Aspire To Wisdom - Shining Jewels To Dissolve Your Obstacles & Enlighten Your Life. The power-packed personal development book by Dr. Asoka Selvarajah.

"I have read hundreds of books on personal empowerment and have written a few myself. What and how Asoka Selvarajah writes is the best of the best."

Leslie Fieger, Millionaire Author & Entrepreneur

" I really enjoyed what I read and Asoka, you are such a good writer. It really is a prescription for right living and attaining the right results and discover our goals, our purpose in life. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. You truly are a kindred spirit and I quite resonate with your style of writing."

Usha Shah, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The 12 Laws Of Success They Don't Teach At School​​​​​

Vegan Warrior

Once mocked as a cult-like fad trend, veganism is now popular and mainstream throughout the United States and the world in general.

Today's vegans come from all walks of life ​- working mums, college students, teenagers, even professional athletes. And the good news is, they don't have to stick to plain old steamed vegetables and brown rice anymore!

The ​Vegan Warrior course reveals the secrets to enjoy a life of superb health, strength and fitness, while eating the kinds of food you actually ​like!

Mystic Visions