Prayer Request For Hurricane Katrina Victims…


I reiterate below the prayer request I just sent out to our prayer group regarding Hurricane Katrina:

I ask that we pray for all those striken by the
Hurricane Katrina on the east cost of the USA. Unknown numbers
are dead and missing. Thousands are without homes, and face
months of homlessness. The bill for repair is coming in at 26 or
50 billion dollars, depending upon whether you watched the early
or the late news. I’m sure you know all this already.

Hurrican Katrina is beginning to look like the US’s Tsunami. Admittedly the
numbers of dead are not in the same league, but the level of
destruction seems similar.

So please let us say prayers for all of those who have died, that
they may make a good transition. For all of those who have lost
loved ones or don’t know where they are – that they may be
comforted, and reunited where possible. For all of those who will
have to suffer night after night without homes, in the midst of a
water-locked land. And for the government, that it will have the
wisdom and skill to deal with the crisis effectively.


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  1. I just signed up to receive your e-books and mailings…I am so grateful to have found this web site…Our thoughts are in the same place regarding Hurricane Katrina and the pain she has caused those in the southern portion of my country. I am so honored to be apart of a pray group for all those who are lost, have crossed over or are suffering…Bless you!

  2. My heart goes out to those people who have had their lives turned upside down by Hurricane Katrina. I can only try to imagine the unbelievable distress that they are going through.

  3. I would like to pray for all of those affected by Hurricane Katrina directly and indirectly. I pray that healing takes place immediately and for those left homeless, I pray for shelter over their heads. Thank You God in advance.

  4. My heart and soul goes out to all those people. I have been sending them strong, healing energy and much love. I pray that all those affected can eventually build their lives again, and find peace.

  5. Thank you, Asoka, for your request. I live just a couple of states away from the hurricane area. It’s unbelievable as we watch the news about what has happened and seeing the pictures reminds us of a few months ago as the tsunami devastated Southern Asia. As we send up our healing prayers, let us also be on guard – please do not “blame God” for this – this is not a punishment – it is a result of cause and effect – the result of wind and rain – natural forces at work and humanity falling in its path. Devasting, yes. But also a chance to begin anew in many ways – we will all be affected by this. Gasoline has already jumped 30 cents per gallon over Monday’s high. Let our prayers include healing and recovery for the victims, and for others, too – ourselves included – for no one can watch these events and not be affected. Let our hearts be strengthened to know that there is a higher purpose in all of this – we do not have to know what it is – greater awareness definitely. We must continue to believe that our united prayers will positively affect these events. Give praise and honor to those who have been able to go in and start cleaning up and restoring order already – give thanks for the wisdom of those who know how to organize and rescue and aid recovery efforts – the individuals and the public and private organizations being called into service now in ways never before challenged. Pray that those who are trying to take advantage will be influenced by the thoughts and prayers of healing and change their focus to one of assistance instead of resistance. Now is not the time for selfishness – make a donation to the Red Cross or some other reputable aid organization, and be thankful for services like Asoka’s in that he helps bring us together in mind and prayer to offer support even though we are not there in person. May Spirit bless each one of you today and always. Blessings.b!

  6. I hope everyone who does not live in this area understand the enormity of the disaster and will pray for these people, and give what they can to help, Red Cross is where I sent my donation. My heart goes out to each and everyone God Bless.

  7. Thank you, Barbara for your wise comments. I couldn’t agree with you more…very inspirational.

  8. Rosealee Charpentier

    Knowing that the edge of Hurricane Katrina dropped
    over our town of Franklin LA, and knowing that a 50 mile-distance separated us from such intense
    harm as suffered by the whole of New Orleans, makes me so grateful and thankful that I promised
    God on each anniversary of this horrible tragedy
    I will make a special effort of gratitude till the
    end of my days here on earth.
    For so long there was the fear of New Orleans literally being drowned in water. In 1969 was
    Hurricane Betsy, of which we did receive wind
    damage. But nowhere near what New Orleans suffered.
    I bless and thank God and Mother Gaia for our
    Rosealee Charpentier

  9. In the Divine name of Lord I pray that all the negativities to be released from east coast of US. now and here. I pray to God to give courage to all the victims who have sufferred physically and lost everything including their family members and property. I pray to give them strength mentally and physically so they can look for a brighter tomorrow. God give them courage. And I pray for those who lost their lives to God to give them Moksha. Please I request all to pray for the victims to be released from their mental trauma they all are going through. I send golden light to the area for a promissing tomorrow of love and laughter.

  10. For all of life in all forms

    Please Prayer Request….

    Universal solutions to all problems. Resolving all mysteries of suffering. For the salvation of every state of life. Let God hear our little – unified prayers. Immensely answering every prayer request. As massively as roses falling from heaven. Flowering infinite eternal love. (Exodus 3:7, other scriptures…)Thank you all!

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