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On Doing The Exact Opposite….

You know, the late Earl Nightingale once said that if you lacked
a mentor in your life, and yet wanted to be a success in all you
do, you should find out what everyone else is doing in your
chosen field and then do the exact opposite….

And you’ll probably never make a mistake as long as you live!

There is a huge amount of truth to this. In the investment world,
for example, it is called the contrarian approach. You frequently
find that when all the investment commentators and periodicals
are certain the markets will be rallying for years, that’s the
top of the market, and you should consider selling! Conversely,
when everyone is as pessimistic as hell, and sellers cannot find
anyone to sell to, that’s often the best time to buy. It’s very
often the market bottom.

Consider where else this principle may apply. It’s definitely
true in business. Look at all the DotCom crashes just a few years
ago. Or the mad climb in the Technology stocks sector, followed
by its catastrophic and ruinous decline. How about Politics?
Think about the implications of this principle in that arena!

It’s really the truth. You can go a long way by doing the
opposite of what the crowd is doing, in almost every area of

I teach you how to go to the ultimate independent source, in my
course, The Seven Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self

In this modern world, conformity has become the norm. It is hard
to live in this world without being swayed by all the currents of
manipulation. However, it would greatly benefit you to try. fight
to preserve your authenticity and strive to always be yourself
and to follow your own counsel.


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