Moving With The Flow

Water flowing in a stream follows the path set for it in a natural easy way. It does not seem to flow in the opposite direction, nor to cut new grooves when the present one is more than good enough. This is a spiritual lesson. To move with circumstances, to follow the path that destiny sets out for us, leads to a life of flow and balance and harmony.

To be constantly trying to divert the course of the stream, as most personal development programs teach, can lead to some temporary satisfactions now and again. However, too often, it leads to stress, striving, disappointment, temporary euphoria, and an endless quest for the next emotional high.

This is not to say that you should not have goals and dreams, and aim to achieve them. That would itself be counter to Nature. However, you do not need to get so personally caught up with it that it wreaks havoc with your emotions, your inner peace, and your happiness.

There is a truth that is not often admitted to. It is that not all goals are for everyone. It is not the destiny of every person who sets a big goal to actually achieve it, or to even come close. Not everyone who strives becomes a multi-millionaire, an Olympic sports athlete, a successful novelist, or whatever. To the extent that a person really believes that every goal is equally attainable is the extent to which frustration and disappointment ensue.

It behoves you to examine how well you are doing in any project you have undertaken. Does it make you happy? Would you do it if nobody paid you or even gave you any credit for it i.e. are you content with the sheer love of it? Does it seem like doors automatically open or do they magically slam shut with amazing synchronicity?

When doors slam shut with amazing repetition, it might be the universe telling you that this goal is not for you. Only you can really know, and it takes a lot of inner soul-searching to discover the truth. After all, many are the famous stories of individuals who finally triumphed after countless heart-breaking setbacks.

There are really no mistakes. Hence, even if you pursue the “wrong” goal for a while, the universe has a way of using that to make all things good in the end. It ends up looking as though the mistake was integral to your growth, because without it you would not have been exposed to certain people, situations or opportunities.

If you work with the concept that you are unique, and that there is something that you are meant to be doing, for the benefit of all, it becomes clear that we cannot all be doing the same thing. This explains why somebody else may succeed dramatically at a goal that you have made your own, whereas you may not. That does not make you inferior. It means that there is something special that you are supposed to be doing and would be excellent at, almost without trying. Meanwhile, someone else might struggle and achieve almost nothing compared to what you have done.

So, the concept of Flow is important. Are you flowing with life? Is life presenting you with opportunities and new doors are opening up? Or, are things getting increasingly stifling, restricted, with the doors repeatedly slamming shut? If so, take a long hard look at what you are doing and why. Is this really your goal, or somebody else’s? What is certain is that you are made for something very special. Hence, if you are not doing it, then it might be time to change completely, examine closely your heart’s true desire, and align with that for a new direction.

In other words, move with the flow!

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