Mentors: The Fast Track To Success.

One of the key factors that successful people mention as being a
prime reason for their achievements is having a mentor. It’s
mentioned everywhere from Napoleon Hill’s book “Think & Grow
rich” right through to being the very premise behind Donald
Trump’s successful TV series, “The Apprentice”.

What is a mentor? In essence, a mentor is a person who has
achieved a level of success and experience in a particular field
of expertise that you wish to master. From this position, he/she
is powerfully positioned to help you succeed rapidly, by
short-cutting the process and showing you the inside secrets to
making rapid advances.

Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, has a mentor. His name is
multi-billionaire Warren Buffet – the world’s most successful
investor. Jim Rohn was Tony Robbins’ mentor. Tony Robbins has
mentors too. Indeed, almost anyone you care to name who has made
it big in any field has one or more mentors.

There are mentors for money (e.g. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Dan
Pena, Bob Proctor). There are mentors for spirituality (Deepak
Chopra, the Church pastor, Jesus, Buddha and more). There are
mentors for success in Sport: they are called coaches and

In fact, it is possible to have a mentor in virtually any field
of endeavor that you care to mention: everything from Fly-Fishing
to Dating, from Copywriting to Scriptwriting. The apostle Paul
mentored a 1st century bishop called Timothy. the poet Ezra Pound
mentored T.S. Eliot throughout his career. In Star Wars, the Jedi
Master Yoda, was mentor to one trainee Jedi after another.

Hence you can see that mentors exist is every conceivable field.
The list is endless.

Hence, you need to ask yourself a question. If all these people
acknowledged the crucial importance of Mentoring, what about you?
Might this one factor be holding you back? If you don’t already
have a mentor, don’t your think you should think about getting

Mentors have already invented the wheel, so that you don’t have
to reinvent anything. They already know the people you need to
meet. They’ve already climbed the mountain you wish to conquer.

You should also know that you do not have to have just one
mentor. You can have a different one for every area you wish to
master. Hence, you might have one mentor for your business,
another for your personal growth, and yet another for your hobby.

Much of the time, people would love to have a younger, less
experienced person consult them for advice. Yet, nobody ever asks
them to. People always imagine that such people are far too busy
or whatever. For example, in business, there is a wealth of
former CEOs of major companies – often stock market listed
companies – who have basically been “put out to pasture” and
nobody comes to ask them anything anymore. However, if you
approach them, you would find that they would be more than happy
to help.

If you are hard put to find a physical mentor, maybe you can
utilize the internet and find one online? There are numerous
mentor and coaching programs on the internet which, although not
as ideal as a physical personal mentor, are still an excellent
choice if you cannot find one in your area.

In addition, you should consider where you might be able to be a
mentor to someone else? There is DEFINITELY some area that you
either know a lot about, or are greatly skilled in, where others
would benefit from your experience. Before you reply by negating
the very idea, you should remember that the world is a huge
place, and there are people trying to learn virtually every skill
you care to mention. They are prepared to pay well for it too.

What are the factors in selecting a mentor? A good mentor must
have excellent communication skills, be honest and possess
integrity, have a deep level of experience in the area you wish
to master, and be an organized, balanced and disciplined person.

It is also essential that you are able to establish a real
rapport. After all, how can you profit from the relationship if
you don’t even like each other and get on as people. This is a
crucial factor, both if you wish to BE a mentor or if you are
seeking to find one. People help people they personally like.
They want to see people succeed whom they have some friendship or
empathy with.

Overall then, if you have been finding that success has been
eluding you in the area of your choice, then you should
definitely consider a mentor. Begin to think now about how and
where to find one. Offer that person some incentive to be your
mentor, whether it be financial or otherwise, to get them on your

However, one way or another, find yourself a mentor. This will be
your single fastest shortcut to Success!
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  1. Veronica; New Zealand

    This article hit close to home for me. I definitely lack a mentor, or quite a few I think! I will actively seek out mentors in the different fields of interest that I have. I am always seeking “mentors” via the internet and books but nothing beats a physcial mentor with whom you can talk, one to one. Thanks for your timely comments.
    Veronica, New Zealand

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