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Mentor Fortunes – New Life Coaching & Mentoring Resource

Everyone from Napoleon Hill to Donald Trump talks about the importance of having a personal mentor in any area where you wish to experience dramatic and rapid success. So, who is YOUR mentor?
Most people don’t have one. Yet, in study after study, the presence of a mentor has proved to be one of THE critical success factors.

I am today unveiling a new product. It is an ebook called Mentor Fortunes, which is all about this vital subject. Although I have not written it myself, I stand behind the material in the ebook, and am adding it to what I plan to be a growing stable of information products that I will be unrolling in the near future. It is a work of quality that will help anyone entering this field to succeed greatly.

Mentor Fortunes is all about the highly lucrative field of being a personal mentor to others. If you are already in a personal coaching or motivational business, you owe it to yourself to get this book, as it will give you many powerful insights. If you are looking for a way to combine making excellent money with teaching what you are most passionate about and expert at, then you should definitely consider Mentoring. It is an exploding industry, and one with many thousands of lucrative niches. What better way to live than to make great money helping someone else succeed in a subject you are expert in and passionate about?…
You can check out Mentor Fortunes here

(Important Note: If you ARE already in business in a related field, note that we also offer resell rights to this book. This means you can buy the rights and offer it on your own website, or to your own customers. If you wish to do this, look for the link to the resell rights information letter at the top of the page above)

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